Porta-Potty Explodes, Police Discover Body in Rubble


Law enforcement is working presently to identify human remains unearthed among the scorched rubble of a spent porta-potty in Florida.

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St. Augustine residents reported around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday they heard a loud boom near a home that was under construction. “I heard there were flames 15 feet in the air,” Jan Long (a neighbor) told local reporters. “Our land that borders that land is all burnt now.” Initial respondents showed up about sixty minutes later to discover the porta-potty on fire. Chuck Mulligan, a St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, told local news that in his 33 years of law enforcement, he never had even heard of that sort of fire. It was not determined how the porta-potty got on fire. When the fire was put out, police said the remains of what seemed to be a female were uncovered within the ruins.

The remains have yet to be identified, and the cops have not got in any reports of a missing person. “We are asking anyone who may have a family member or friend who has not been heard from and may be missing to contact St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office and ask for The Major Crimes Unit,” stated the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office in an email to local news reporters. The porta-potty fable starts during World War II, when the owners of Long Beach shipyards realized that the workers were losing a lot of vital work time in the long excursion from the back of the ships to the docks to handle nature’s business. They elected to construct portable cubicles that were formed with metal or wood, that held a small holding tank.


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