‘Bluthfighter’ Is The ‘Arrested Development’ Video Game You Never Knew You Always Wanted [Viral Video]

Arrested Development Fighting Game

As a fan of both Arrested Development and fighting games, I need Bluthfighter to happen as soon as possible. Although it looks like the real deal, apparently the video game doesn’t exist. Yet.

If overly familiar with the Arrested Development series, then you’ll appreciate the embedded video even more. There are in-jokes buried throughout the clip, including a cameo from a certain movie star with a penchant for stews. I feel like I’ve said too much already.

Bluthfighter was put together by a guy named Brian Anderson. He’s also responsible for the LEGO Breaking Bad clip that made the rounds not too long ago. While that endeavor was enjoyable in its own right, Bluthfigher has a unique charm that’s hard to resist. I apologize if I got any fanboy on you.

In a world where anyone can create a video game with the help from crowdfunding, I think this Arrested Development brawler would be an instant hit with fans. Anderson states at the beginning of the video that he’s more than willing to develop the game if he has the money and the permission to do so.

The video for Bluthfighter is embedded below. An working knowledge of Arrested Development isn’t necessarily required, so don’t let all the in-joke talk dissuade you from checking it out.

What do you think about Bluthfighter? Is there a market for an Arrested Development fighting game?

Todd Rigney

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