Best Small Business Apps For Young Entrepreneurs

These are the best small business apps that will help make your life simpler and more productive.

It seems like every millennial considers himself an entrepreneur but there are only a few that are taking advantage of the small business apps that make life simpler for us. The toughest part about being a freelancer or an entrepreneur is keeping up to date with billing and expenditures. These apps make that simpler.

small business apps
Google Calendar is the app that you just have to have if you’re a young gun trying to juggle deadlines, meetings and payment schedules. It works seamlessly with your iPhone so that if you’re in an email conversation with a client and you set a time for a Skype or phone briefing you can set that right away and set a reminder so you’re sure that you don’t miss it. This might not sound like a big deal but you’re going to find that as you grow, you have clients all over the world and your guy in Boston isn’t going to want to talk to you at the same time as your guy in Amsterdam.

small business apps
Hiveage is a platform that just introduced an Apple app that I’m really looking forward to. This is perfect for small businesses or freelancers. It lets you send out estimates and convert them to invoices and track your expenses so you know what you can write off. It works with a ton of different payment methods (including PayPay) and has users in over 140 countries so that a lot of different currencies are integrated. The platform is seamless and I’m expecting the same thing from the app that you can download here.

small business apps
Slack is the app that most of the companies that I work with are using to coordinate conversations and set deadlines with the teams of writers, designers, coders and business guys. In my Slack I’m in a dozen different conversations that are taking place with freelancers all over the world. The app makes it easy to keep these convos in check and see what I missed. I can also check the Google Analytics of the sites with a simple link.

small business apps
If you’re not using Dropbox then you need to get with the program. The app and platform have made leaps and bounds since they were first introduced. You can scan receipts and keep them together in a file so that it’s easier to file your taxes when that dreaded time comes. You can also save you documents and they’ll be available on your computer, your phone or that “business center” computer you have to use in a shady hotel.

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