Beasts Of The East Game Heats Up Twitter As Game Finishes

The Beasts of the East game dominated Twitter Wednesday night

The hotly anticipated “Beasts of the East” matchup between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers lived up to the hype.  At one point three of Twitter’s top five hashtags referenced the game in some way.

Users of the social media monster loved it, and they all seemed to agree on one thing:

The bar fight of a basketball game was a possible preview of this season Eastern Conference Finals. As the game started, only #BeastsOfTheEast was trending. As the second half started, HeatVsPacers was Twitter’s top trend. Then, as the fourth quarter started, #MIAvsIND joined the party.

“Beasts of the East” will be what fans remember the name of the game as. Both sides let their beasts loose as LeBron James and Paul George battled for offensive dominance. According to Twitter, George won:

With just over one minute left, the game was separated by one point. Just as Twitter predicted, it was destined to go down to the wire.

When the “Beasts of the East” game finally ended in the Pacers favor 84-83, there was no telling who the better team was. Last season it was Miami. At points this season it’s looked like the Pacers. As we get into the playoffs we’ll found out for sure.

[Photo Credit: MattBritt00]

Scott Croker

Scott Croker grew up writing short stories and watching sports. It was only fate his two loves would combine into a life of sports writing. He grew up in the great sports city of San Francisco and currently resides in LA, which is just a football team away from being complete. As he has gotten older he has realized that there is not much more in life he needs to be happy than a TV and laptop, although going to games is nice too.


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