Babies Exhibit ‘Werewolf Syndrome’ After Receiving Anti-Baldness Drug

werewolf syndrome

17 children developed a type of “werewolf syndrome” after they were administered medicine intended to remedy heartburn that was actually utilized to stop hair loss.

via Twipur; There is no cure for hypertrichosis (bka werewolf syndrome), and you can’t do anything to stop the congenital form of the disease. Treating hypertrichosis consists of the removal of hair through an assortment of short-term methods

The kids who took the mislabeled medicine, babies some of them, started sprouting hair all over their bodies, an ucommon condition known as hypertrichosis, said a health minister on Thursday. María Luisa Carcedo, the minister, explained that Farmaquimica Sur (a lab in Spain), had mistakenly distributed to pharmacists minoxidil, a med that helps combat baldness, that was marked omeprazole, a drug that aids acid reflux. The laboratory was ultimately shut down and the medicine snatched off the market. Officials have launched an investigation. The health minister, Ms. Carcedo, informed reporters that no pharmacy grounded in Spain still retained the mislabeled omeprazole.

“We have immobilized all the batches,” she stressed. A Farmaquimica Sur employee contacted via phone, who declined to furnish her name, stated that company execs were meeting with attorneys to review the situation. The business did not provide particulars about how the medication was mislabeled. The SADV disclosed that the unwanted hair should begin falling out about three months after the babies stop taking the drug. However the mother of a 26-month-old girl expressed to reporters that even though her child had ceased taking the medicine back in May, her daughter was still covered in undesired hair.


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