Aubrey Plaza To Voice Grumpy Cat In Worst Movie Ever

Can Aubrey Plaza save the Grumpy Cat movie? No, no she can’t. There isn’t an actor alive that will be able to turn a movie about a mildly amusing internet meme into a success.

Plaza, who currently plays grumpy April Ludgate on Parks And Recreations, will be lending her voice to the Lifetime TV movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. 

Plaza is a hilarious actor and we love her on Parks And Recreations. She was also great in movies like Safety Not Guaranteed and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. But we doubt that she’ll be able to make the Grumpy Cat movie even slightly enjoyable.

Of course, this doesn’t really seem to be a passion project for Aubrey Plaza. The movie is set to air on November 29 , which is only few months away, so it’s not like she’ll be doing a ton of research to get into the part.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Jane Lynch was originally scheduled to voice Grumpy Cat but the actress dropped out after winning an Emmy for Hollywood Game Night. That left Lifetime scrambling for an actress and, well, Plaza apparently had nothing better to do.

We’ll admit that Aubrey Plaza is a perfect casting choice for Grumpy Cat. We’re just very skeptical about the end results.

Do you think Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever will be the worst movie ever?

Kokou Adzo

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