An Artist Made Trump’s Face Utilizing More Than 2,000 D*ldos


Three years ago, Stephen Manka came across 2,000+ metal d*ldos and struck on the notion of using them to generate Trump‘s face.

Solid copper, the phallus’ were decades aged, and somebody — he won’t reveal the source, who chooses to remain divided from their inevitable use — had given them up. Manka said: “They are vintage molds, positives of the molding process for creating dongs. This is my guess, but I envision that these were on the assembly line, dipped into a mold, and then removed, and then other materials were cast to make solid dongs. So, straight from a d*ldo manufacturing process. And there are just so many different ones. They were dusty, some were gnarly looking, and they range from outrageous veiny bastards to more decorate ones. There are some butt plugs in there too. It’s a real mix.”

via Manka Design Studio; President Trump’s face configured out of more than 200 d*ldos

The sincerity to create Trump’s face with the dongs swelled as this election cycle began to warm up. Thus, Manka purchased them from the anonymous source and forecasted Trump’s face down on his studio’s floor and set about, over the flow of seven days the operation of establishing the portrait. It took some initiative to form the proper shadow effects through scrupulous cognizance of wang length, shape and density, and days on a catwalk erected over the space so that the artist could situate each member by hand without knocking any of them over, though the end result is unambiguously flawless.

“I don’t know if Trump supporters will like it or whether it would change anyone’s mind,” he said. “Maybe someone would look at it and think, ‘Yeah, this guy is a dick and I’m a dick for helping him win.'” At the moment, it subsists in the studio, and the artist continues pondering not only about the likelihood of getting voters to view it but also the small frame of time in which he’d possess to pull that off. “I wonder what a successful public display would be,” added Manka. “Some kind of presence along the trail — there’s a debate here, and that’s a good chance. But with it being horizontal, all you can see up close is something like a futuristic city of towers, this field of dongs.”


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