Anonymous Person Drops $8,000 In SPCA Donation Box

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is experiencing what they are calling a ‘true miracle.’ The staff shared in a recent Facebook post that they were shocked to discover that someone had visited the donation box in the Neely Cat Center and anonymously left a donation in their collection box.


The Facebook post reads:
“Seeking mystery donor! Today a person visited the Neely Cat Center and anonymously left an $8,000 cash donation in our collection box. We are truly grateful to this kind person and want to thank them on behalf of all the animals at PHS.”


However, it was the amount of the donation that left the staff completely shocked. The anonymous donor had left $8,000 worth of $20 bills. No one seemed to notice anyone coming in and visiting the facility, but make no mistake the massive donation will do a lot of good for the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.


According to The Dodo, the facility cares for more than 12,000 animals a year. The majority of their budget to care for these animals comes from donations, such as this.

“We are overjoyed by the generosity of this anonymous donation,” a staff member told The Dodo. “We are incredibly grateful and extend a huge thank you to the mystery donor.”

The $8,000 gift will go towards medical care for the animals. Just because this gift was so large, the staff member also reminds people that every dollar counts and no donation is too small.

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