Anna Hathaway and Emily Blunt Slay on Lip Synch Battle [Video + Poll]


Lip Sync Battle saw all-out epicness that night courtesy of mega stars Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt. Many viewers do solemnly believe their lip-synching nights are never going to be the same again.

The Devil Wears Prada tweosome started off with some friendly banter and ribbing, and Anne Hathaway got the party started with her own take on Mary J. Blige’s Love. Anne ran away with it with her kicks, her groove, and her ill rapping. Emily looked unimpressed, and “took it back a little” with No Diggity by Blackstreet. She pretty much killed it with the rapping, but not without giving Anne a quick lap twerk before moving on. Girl knew how to give good shade. We like the way she works it.

Cue Anne pulling a Kanye on her. Woaaaah!

This is so on.

Watch the video here:

battleThings certainly got pumped up to eleven by the second half of the show! Emily come out in all her shaggy-furred, tint-shaded, flower-giving goodness as she fake crooned Janis Joplin’s Piece of My Heart. She was certainly giving it good to the crowds, and they were so feeling that heady Woodstock vibe. Emily went wild as giant inflatable balls and balloon hearts cascaded on stage and groovy back-up dancers performed their Hair-worthy choreography.

Anne, however, was not to be outdone. She comes out in her slicked hair, white tips, and Miley’s signature red lip, lip-synching the first stanzas of Wrecking Ball in a pair of black track pants. Pretty innocent, right?

Not until the wrecking crew come in. Hey-yo, rippable pants!

Anne took the song and ran away with it. She made out with a sledgehammer, agonized to the crowds, and finally jumped onto a freaking wrecking ball on-stage. It as truly an Oscar-worthy performance.

Watch the video here:

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