Ann Coulter Gets Whats Coming To Her After Mocking #BringBackOurGirls

If you think the hunt for 200 kidnapped schoolgirls would be a cause everyone could get behind, or at least have enough respect not to use it to further one’s political cause, then you don’t know Ann Coulter.

The hyperbolic shock jock masquerading as a political commentator took to Twitter yesterday and decided that she needed to get in on some of that sweet, sweet tragedy attention.

But, just like when Coulter couldn’t figure out how Reddit works (and then somehow blamed Obamacare) Coulter apparently doesn’t know how easy it is for people to photoshop a white sign.

You can probably guess what happened next.

There are a bunch more, but plenty of them are NSFW, so we’ll leave that to your own research.

It should probably be pointed out that on one level, Ann Coulter is probably getting exactly what she wanted: Attention. Coulter is the original internet troll, she is like a mix of an unfunny Stephen Colbert and Donald Sterling’s favorite spoiled 12 year old granddaughter. Everything, including this article, feeds her neverending quest for attention at any cost.

Coulter didn’t even take time off from spewing her hate after September 11th, making bombastic comments on September 12th, eventually leading her to lose her syndicated column (but not stopping her from appearing regularly on Fox News). So, to see her make insensitive comments about this tragedy isn’t surprising.

So why am I writing this post, if I know it ultimately fulfills her desire for more attention? Because charlatans like Ann Coulter have always existed and will always exist. If Ann Coulter went away tomorrow, someone would fill her place the very next day. So when one of these charlatans make a comment (or in this case posts a picture) that not even their supporters can get behind, it’s worth amplifying so that more people learn: This is a silly, broken person.

And besides, this is a rare case when the charlatan has given us an opportunity associate her with a bunch of things she probably doesn’t want to be associated with. Maybe, just maybe, someone will post an image that bothers her a little bit.

If you want to make your own Ann Coulter spoof image, here you go:

You know who to tweet it to.

[Photo Credit: zzathras777]

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