Customer Calls For Refund After Ordering A Dozen Masks, Receiving “Only 12”

dozen masks

Zada McCray, owner of Zada’s Vault, received an email from an irate customer demanding a refund after ordering a dozen masks and receiving merely 12.

It’s said that the customer is always right … however, what is a business proprietor supposed to do when the customer is, very plainly, wrong as sin? McCray earned praise from the internet after keeping her composure while dealing with an unreasonable customer. McCray’s hoody/shirt/card/customized face mask business recently propelled to viral web stardom after her and the customer’s exchange was shared via Twitter. McCray revealed her heart dropped when she got an email bearing the subject line “wrong mask order.”

“Hello, I ordered a dozen custom masks from you, however, you only sent me 12,” said the unidentified customer. “I really needed them all. I would like a refund please and I will no longer support your business. I try to support black-owned businesses but you guys continue to rip people off.” McCray replied by explaining that since a dozen equals 12, the number of masks she shipped out was accurate and that a refund was not in order. She even offered a $5 discount coupon to the customer after apologizing.

To this, the shopper answered asserting they were “not interested” and added: “I must have missed it on the invoice. I needed 20. I never heard of it being listed as 12. I swear it was pronounced ‘dub zen’ like a dub (20) whatever tho.” The craze of the tweet has assisted McCray in her business endeavors. She wrote on Twitter: “I went from 3 online orders every other week to 30 in one day!! This is beyond amazing!”


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