Americans turned Election anxiety to funny memes and jokes on Twitter

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The time it takes to call the election results is stressful for everyone. Watching the news as the vote count trickle in slowly is like watching a sloth climb up a tree. Annoyingly slow but all we can do is wait. What better way to deal with anxiety than to turn to election memes and jokes online? Twitter is exploding with the funniest election jokes that even non-Americans are joining in. What is even more amazing is that election memes seem to get wittier and more hilarious every time. The world is truly invested in creating, watching, and laughing at election memes. Sometimes, it would even seem that people are more concerned about memes than the actual results.

Here are some of the funniest and wittiest memes and jokes about #Election2020:

Why is the vote count taking so long, anyway?

The Count Meme never gets old!

A vision of the future

How it feels like waiting for #Election2020 Results

Sounds better as a sports commentary

Every American on the planet right now

All for the jokes and memes

Why ARE we surprised that it’s slow?

The Count Meme…Again!

Too distracted to work through election week

#MeAsACanadian trends in Canada

The Notebook? No, just #Election2020

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