Can Trump Really Sue Biden?

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At first, he was just threatening, but now he really did it. Trump just released a statement that he is filing a lawsuit in Nevada for what he claims are “illegal votes”. Can Trump really sue Biden? The final results of the elections are not yet in, but Joe Biden is just a few electoral college votes shy of winning the US presidency. The question is, could Trump really sue his way to victory, or is this simply a sourgraping attitude towards his opponent?

Can Trump Sue Biden for “Illegal Votes”?

According to the camp of incumbent President Donald Trump, there seem to be inconsistencies in election results in Nevada. He claims that votes from dead people and non-residents have been counted in the state. These non-residents are individuals who were displaced by the current pandemic and has since transferred to a different address or state. This is not the first time he claimed this. In fact, he also claimed that millions voted illegally back in 2016.

What is interesting is that Trump has already filed a total of five lawsuits. Four of these are about vote-counting procedures. Even if he has a chance to litigate these claims, the court proceedings are going to be lengthy and it’s not going to be an easy game. In none of these has Trump sued Biden.

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What is it about the Nevada votes?

Well, if Trump could prove that the election results were rigged to his opponent’s favor, he could definitely file a lawsuit. With Joe Biden just a few electoral college votes away from winning, the final count of Nevada may determine whether or not he wins President. Now, there is speculation about the results because the state is taking TOO long to release its official count.

It has taken so long that the internet is on the edge of its seat waiting for the final results to come in. However, it would seem that Nevada is going at the pace it is expected. It is a very large state with more hundreds of thousands of voters. The state wants to ensure that they are being accurate with their count as the votes from Nevada are critical for the entire country.

Both experts and government agencies have assured the public that the 2020 Presidential Elections is one of the safest and secured in modern history. This is after cybersecurity threats have circulated all over the internet claiming that hackers would be rigging poll machines to alter the election results. Due to the coronavirus, many citizens are reluctant to cast their votes at polling stations leaving the government with no option but to allow them to mail in their votes.

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