American Idol To Reveal Real-Time Voting Statistics On Facebook

American Idol Real-Time Voting Results - Facebook

American Idol voters will soon be able to see certain voting statistics in real-time when logged into their Facebook account. Fox TV has also announced that they have added the ability to vote for singers while searching Google. Viewers can still use the American Idol app, text messaging, and traditional phone calling means to cast a vote for their favorite contestant.

The Facebook real-time voting results platform will launch on February 26, the first live-performance show with finalists. According to Fox, “fans will be able to vote via Google … by searching for Idol-related terms. Any of these searches will reveal a voting platform where fans can cast their votes for their favorite performers.”Translation, Google will suggest that you vote and then give you the option.

Facebook in the meantime will reveal “demographic voting trends and relative contestant rankings” for the east coast broadcast only.

That statement sounds like Facebook will provide a general picture of voting trends but will not actually reveal who is getting the boot from the show.

As an added bonus, “as voters and supporters of the American Idol XIII hopefuls chime in and back their favorite performer, they will have an opportunity to become part of the show — and see their actual Facebook profile picture featured in the telecast.”

Real-time metrics on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks is quickly becoming part of the second screen experience. We will likely see more integration in the future, especially from contestant based shows that require voting from audience participants.



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