Amazon Drivers Are Dangling Mobile Phones in Trees to Get More Work

amazon drivers

A peculiar phenomenon has surfaced: contract Amazon drivers are suspending cell phones from trees to get a jump on competitors seeking orders.

Someone positions numerous phones in a tree situated near the station where deliveries emanate. Amazon drivers in on the narrative then sync their own devices with the ones in the tree and nearby wait for a pickup order. According to specialists and people with an understanding of Amazon’s operations, the grounds for the bizarre placement is to exploit the handsets’ propinquity to the station, coupled with software that perpetually sensors Amazon’s dispatch channel, to obtain a split-second jump on rival drivers.

That operators resort to such intense methods is symbolic of the savage competition for work in an epidemic-pillaged United States economy hurting from millions of lost jobs. Just how milliseconds can net hedge funds millions using robotraders, a  mobile phone nestled in a tree can be the factor of procuring a $20 delivery route before the next driver. Transporters have been posting videos and photos online trying to pinpoint the technology being utilized to get orders faster than those missing the leverage.

Various persons have complained to Amazon that unethical drivers have unearthed a method to manipulate Amazon’s delivery dispatch system. According to operators who have witnessed the process, the gadgets in trees appear to serve as skilled devices that dispatch destinations to various adjacent drivers in on the scheme. They feel an unnamed entity or person is behaving as an intermediary between the drivers and Amazon and charging transporters to acquire more routes, which (as you can guess) is against Amazon’s regulations.


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