Amanda Bynes Shares Bikini Pics On Twitter, But In A Normal Way, Not A Crazy Way

amanda bynes bikini

Amanda Bynes shared a big “thank you” with her supportive fans on Twitter in the form of a couple of bikini shots from her vacation in Cabo. While “Amanda Bynes” and “bikini shots” might cause a few to cringe after an odd handful of NSFW pics she shared last year, don’t you worry. These are the bikini shots of a totally normal person on vacation.

Primarily, there are two kinds of bikini selfies shared on social media.

The normal bikini selfie:

And the batshit insane bikini selfie:

For a time, formerly-troubled former-actress Amanda Bynes was sharing risque NSFW selfies that were more the latter than the former and caused just about everyone to worry about her mental health.

She’s all better now, and is using her Twitter account properly again, disseminating not-crazy photos of herself in a bikini.

Bynes is currently vacationing in Cabo San Lucas with her family, and celebrated her 28th birthday on April 3rd.

After one hell of a year, Bynes has seemingly resolved her existential crisis and has been spending a lot of time with her family, with whom she had been previously estranged. She is also attending classes at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and has previously expressed an interest in leaving her acting career behind in order to pursue one in fashion.

Her last appearance in film was an antagonistic supporting role as Marianne Bryant in the 2010 teen comedy film Easy A.

What do you think of Amanda Bynes’ bikini shots? Pretty normal and not weird at all, if you ask us.

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