All The Best Vines From The BET Awards 2014


R&B star Pharrell, and rapper Nicki Minaj were the main winners at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards on Sunday, which also honored veteran soul singer Lionel Richie.

The show was hosted by stand-up comedian Chris Rock who later had a surprise in store for some select guests.

Nicki Minaj won best female hip-hop artist and when accepting her award she had a little dig at some of her critics who say she doesn’t write her own lyrics, “When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.” she said.

Check out some of the best Vine clips from last night’s show below!

2pac was there!

Nicki enjoying Iggy Azalea’s set!

Chris Rock served up chicken and waffles to everyone halfway through the show

and then Tweeted about Paris Hilton’s

and then Mike Tyson said something about the Soul Train awards…yeth, yeth, yeth

Robin Thicke is still making us throw up in our mouths a little as he reminds us how sorry he is to his wife while promoting his new record.



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