Alec Baldwin Uses Twitter To Refute Racism Allegations, Was Telling The Truth

alec baldwin cleared of racist slur

Alec Baldwin found himself at the center of a brewing media scandal today — and the star himself did a lot to get his story out using Twitter to directly address the many claims in his own words.

The Alec Baldwin accusations stemmed from an incident involving a black photographer, and the photog’s claim that the actor used a racist epithet during the dispute.

Baldwin denies the accusations, but it appears he’s also working overtime to dispel the assertions and counteract the gossip-industrial image — luckily, Twitter gives the star a direct pipeline to the fans.

According to Baldwin, he also reached out to the blogosphere, sitting down with a Gothamist blogger to tell his side of the story. On Twitter and tweeting under the (verified) handle @ABFoundation, Baldwin counters:

But Baldwin has a sense of humor about the allegations, also quipping:

Baldwin updates:

In the tweets, Alec Baldwin links to a post in which it is explained that tapes contradict the “racial epithet” and that not only was Baldwin “set up” — but that he deserves an apology from the internet at large.



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