Aladdin’s Original Jasmine, Lea Salonga, Sings ‘A Whole New World’

Lea Solanga introduced us to “A Whole New World” when she sang the classic song in the Disney movie Aladdin more than 20 years ago. Well, the Tony Award winning singer revisited the song this week when she took the stage with the opera group Il Divo.

Solnga will be touring with Il Divo during their “A Musical Affair” tour across Europe.

Here’s a look at what you’ll see if you’re lucky enough to watch Lea Solanga sing “A Whole New World” with Il Divo live in concert.

Lea Solanga gave Jasmine a beautiful singing voice but she didn’t voice the character during her non-singing parts. That job went to Linda Larkin.

Here’s a clip from the Disney movie Aladdin. 

If you haven’t seen Aladdin (seriously, you haven’t seen Aladdin) Lea Solanga’s voice may still sound familiar. She also did the singing for the Disney character Mulan.

Of course, Solanga’s career expands past the world of Disney. Broadway World notes that she won a Tony Award for her role in Miss Saigon. She is also the first Asian woman to play the character of Eponine in Les Miserables on Broadway.

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