AirSnap Pairs Two iOS Devices To Help You Take Better Group Photos


What happens when people are taking a group photo? In most cases someone has to step out to take the picture. Well you could always set a timer on the camera and sprint back to the group, but taking a group photo shouldn’t require participation at a track meet.

AirSnap is a new way of capturing pictures and videos remotely by using two iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches. The app uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to assign one device as the capture device and the other as the remote trigger.

This solves a big pain point for those who like to take group photos so many people will likely find the $0.99 price tag for the Camera Plus app which comes with AirSnap worth the bang for their buck.

Camera Plus features a soft flash for the iPad to eliminate overly dark photos that some tablet users experience, an adjustable capture bar to make holding the iPad comfortable while shooting photos or video, and 720p video recording.

With AirSnap, taking group photos with iOS devices will be much more pleasurable. That is, along as you have something to hold the designated capture device in place.



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