Adorable Dogs Form Pop Group All In The Name Of Akita Tourism

Akita tourism

A viral video promoting tourism to North Japan features a pop group made up of adorable Akita dogs and it is all in the name of “Akita Tourism.”

You might not be familiar with the term “Akita Tourism,” but once you check out the video below you will definitely want to know more. Which is exactly what Japanese Akita Inu Tourism wants you to do.

The tourism organization represents the northern Akita Prefecture (Odate, Kitaakita, Kosaka and Kamikoani  located in the Tohoku region of Japan. As the name would suggest, this region is the birthplace of th gorgeous breed of Akita dog. Chances are you are familiar with this loyal breed of dog, but didn’t know where they originated. Thanks to these singing pups, now you know.

Oh, and thank goodness for those subtitles for those of us that don’t speak dog.

The video features more than just dancing Akitas, it tells the story of these loyal dogs. Dancing hunters depict the fact that the breed started out as hunting dogs before becoming loyal pets. The viral song also makes references to other symbols of the region, such as hot pot, mochi sticks, Kiritanpo rice skewers and Magewappa lunch boxes. It definitely makes you want to plan a visit.


The viral song, titled ”Waiting4U – Let You MOFU MOFU” is meant to compare the loyalty of Akita dogs to the loyalty of the people that live in the region and their longing to have large numbers of people visit the area. As the cheeky song lyrics suggest, they can’t wait anymore and they need you now.

This particular Japanese tourism board hit viral gold with this video. Just a mere two weeks after it was released, it quickly amassed more than a million views. The odd pop group, MOFU MOFU☆DOGS has definitely stolen people’s hearts. Plus, it’s the Internet and cute animals are always a winner.


Oh, you are probably wonder what Mofu Mofu means. Yea, so were we. According to Rocket News, ” the video defines mofu mofu as “a state of fluffy softness and warmth, like the fur of an Akita dog. This state is so strong that people find themselves wanting to touch the fur.”

We know what else you are wondering. No, there has been no word on whether the MOFU MOFU☆DOGS will be releasing any more hit songs. This might be a one hit wonder…

Akita tourism

However, for those that want more from the singing Akita members of the MOFU MOFU☆DOGS pop group, check out the behind the scenes video that has been uploaded to Youtube.

You can visit the official website to learn more about “Akita Tourism” at

So, what do you think about this unique tourism video? Does it make you want to pack your bags for a quick trip to Northern Japan? Or has it just left you with a catchy tune stuck in your head? Let us know what you think about ‘Akita Tourism.’

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