98-Year-Old Man’s Reaction to His “Age Reveal” Is Gold

98-year-old man

Adele counts her age with her albums, so she pretty much knows how many years she’s been on this earth. For those of us who’ve been here longer, it may not be such an easy feat.

YouTuber Pinball Wiz asked his elderly father how old he thought he was, and he missed by more than what is probably an acceptable margin of error.

He is 98, going on 99…

…but he thought he was 79. He may not have 99 problems, but his memory sure is one.

A guessing game commences, till daddy reaches 98.

His reaction? Something that could have come straight out of a sailor’s mouth.

Off he might have been about his real age, he practically nailed the average life expectancy of Americans (78.6).

He did take the news like a trooper, though, with an attitude we can’t help but admire.

We can only imagine how he’d react when he finds out he’s 100 next year.



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