Check Out This 7-Eleven — In Japan! Would You Eat The Food Here?


Both Mashed and Thrillist agree, that Cheeseburger Bites are one of the foods that you should never buy at 7-Eleven (in the United States that is).

Photo by Mashed

“The taste of a cheeseburger with the convenience of a hot dog” reads the label, and it’s true. It actually smells like a burger, but it tastes like somebody sprinkled a piece of foam rubber with fat. It’s gray and icky and greasy. If you want a fake burger, spring for the frozen White Castles. Also, why did I finish the whole thing?” said Thrillist.

Yes … ouch!! Well, Mashed lamentably concurred the review in their assessment of the convenient store’s hot dog-like product.

“I don’t consider myself a traditionalist, but I do prefer my cheeseburgers to look like cheeseburgers and my hot dogs to look like hot dogs. 7-Eleven decided to flip the script by making a hamburger in a tubular shape, sticking it in a hot dog bun, and calling it the Cheeseburger Big Bite. The novelty certainly wears off after one bite and the taste has been compared to something from a hospital vending machine. At $1.99, you can grab a more traditional and tastier cheeseburger pretty much anywhere else for the same price or even cheaper.”

With all of that said — how do you think the food items are in a 7-Eleven in say, Japan?

Makes ya wonder, right! What kind of food items would be in a Japanese 7-Eleven anyway? And, would they taste good or not so good?

Check out the below video of food blooger Mike Chen trying out different foods in 7-Eleven in Japan.




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