50 Shades Of Grey Written By Text Generator

50 Shades of Grey has came under tons of criticism from many, but one person took it a step farther. Reddit user, Inri137 posted that her friend has said the erotic story was so simple that even a computer could write it, so Inri137 decided to prove it.

50 shades of grey

Writing hours of code and using a text generator, the experiment produced extremely similar content. The final product is posted on the user’s personal website, xwray.com.

The developer writes about how they used a text generator, tons of code and a complicated algorithm to get the computer to produce text that would sound just like 50 Shades of Grey. The process is a bit complex, so we’ll let them explain it.

“It is built on the Dada Engine by Andrew C. Bulhak, made famous by the Postmodernism Generator. The engine parses a “grammar” file and turns it into a list of vocabulary and rules, then recursively evaluates the input, choosing randomly among options at each juncture. This sounds easy, except that you have to write the grammar file. Essentially, you’re listing every tiny decision the engine needs to make so that the text comes out sounding like 50 Shades of Grey, and not, say, the Dalai Lama.”

Despite seeming extremely technical, the developer says they wrote about a 1000 lines of code over the weekend to get it working correctly.

So, you be the judge, does this remind you of 50 Shades of Grey?

“He reaches down, and my breathing accelerates. He plants a soft wet kiss on my lips, dominating. Dominating, his eyes glowing with lust, he softly kisses my temple. He kisses me, and my muscles clench deep inside me. His mouth is on mine, dominating, warmth pooling below my waist, coursing heat throughout my body. The sensual strains of Kings of Leon waft through the air. How appropriate. Lifting his other hand to cradle my face as we kiss, he curls his fingers around my head, running his fingers through my hair.”

There have been other of these types of experiments, but none seem to create this good of copy.

Fifty shades of grey

The thread is quickly gaining popularity on reddit.



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