“50 Nerds of Grey” Makes Your Inner Goddess Roll a 20


We have no idea why it took us this long to shine the spotlight on this twitter account, but at last, here we are.

50 Nerds of GreyGrey is a parody twitter account that rewrite choice lines or scenes from the notorious E.L James’ “50 Shades of Grey”. It takes the work into unchartered territory, boldly going where no man has gone before, attacking the darkness, and inevitably finding oneself in a secret, exclusive room — The Room of Requirement.

Yes, we are taking “50 Shades” smack-dab into Nerd territory, and that’s where we’re staying. Why? Because it’s glorious.

See for yourself.

Oh gods yes, make us ride your long, hard wood. the way you grasp it in your hands. So sleek, so strong, so aerodynamic.

Because the Dark side always beckons, aways seduces — and they have cookies.

Yes! Yes! Naughty words! Give me more naughty words!

*In a deep, husky, bedroom voice* “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

And then, there’s always roleplay. Sexy, sexy roleplay.

And the cosmos unravelled at the seams.

It’s always the quiet ones.

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