5 Things We Learned From Zachary Quinto’s Reddit AMA

zachary quinto reddit AMA

You know actor Zachary Quinto from TV shows like Heroes and American Horror Story, and for his portrayal of Spock in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films. If you were on reddit Monday afternoon, you got to know him a little better when he stopped by for a little AMA.

Here are the top five things we learned about the 36-year-old actor, and two questions we really really really wish he would have answered. To supplement, we will be adding a multitude of Zachary Quinto gifs because we have to compete with BuzzFeed, which occasionally decides to write about reddit AMAs and completely mops the floor with us.

No. 1 – He Has A Favorite Word

favorite word

Now imagine he said it like:

zachary quinto GIF

No. 2 – You Might Recognize Him From Your Childhood …

child modeling career

So smooth, like …

zachary quinto GIF

No. 3 – His Gayness Helped A Guy Win A Bet One Time

gay death pool

A HA HA, so adorbs.

zachary quinto GIF

No. 4 – He’s A Little Shallow

He’s like the rest of us. He wants to see the pics.

photo proof 2

But you can’t be mad at him when he says it like …

zachary quinto GIF

photo proof

So shallow! But like …

zachary quinto GIF

send photo 3

Wait, for a birthday appearance? Come on, Zach. Be reasona–

zachary quinto GIF

Aw, I can’t stay mad at you.

No. 5 – Where To Get Neutron Cream

neutron cream

That’s a reference to this Star Trek Into Darkness set prank:

Two Questions We Wish Zachary Quinto Would Have Answered

benedict cumberbatch

Kinky! But you know … I would have liked to actually know the answer to that.

But among the best unanswered questions there was only one that really stood above the pack. That’s because it was posed by Jacob Kogan, the actor who played Spock as a child in 2009’s Star Trek.

young spock

young spock reddit

But Zachary Quinto was like …


… and bounced to go do some charity work.


You can read the rest of Zachary Quinto’s reddit AMA here.

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