5 of the Best In-Store Fights from Black Friday 2014

There was a time when the Friday after Thanksgiving was a bonus day off to recover from the overindulgence the day before — but somewhere along the way, it turned into a no holds barred street fight for a bargain.

Before the advent of social media and camera phones, tales of in-store violence on Black Friday might have been downplayed as something as a myth; no one would really get so riled up over the prospect of a few dollars saved, surely? Of course they would, and now we have the benefit of watching the ensuing chaos — even if we didn’t leave the house for the sales themselves.

Here are some of the very best in-store brawls from this year’s Black Friday celebrations — viewer discretion is advised.

Walmart; Cops Called


Amidst the crowds digging into deals in this Walmart, you can just about make out a uniformed police officer. While at first it seems like he’s simply joining in the retail frenzy, once he’s reunited with his partners he does help to disassemble the crowd — although it’s not an easy task.

Don’t Tase Me, Bro

When a police officer draws a taser, you know things have escalated far past a 50% discount on a toaster. Here’s a choice comment from the YouTube upload of this video: “Does any1 know how much that 40 inch t.v was?”

Anarchy in the UK

As you may know, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the United Kingdom — but that didn’t stop a horde of shoppers descending upon a London branch of Walmart-equivalent Asda last Friday in the hopes of scoring a new television. Shouldn’t they be at work?

Brawl and Panties


Originally posted on SocialNewsDaily last week, this out-and-out melee over some cut-price undies has gone viral over the weekend. Perhaps turn the volume down before you attempt to watch this one, it is shrill.

Real-Time Roughhousing


Watch things go from polite shopping to mayhem over the course of about fifteen seconds as customers are set loose on savings in this video. Just be thankful someone had the good sense to turn the escalator off before things got out of hand.

Did you witness any chaos as part of Black Friday 2014? Let us know about it in the comments section below, or get in touch via Twitter by following @SocialNewsDaily.

Magui Sandjou


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