5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Get You in the Festive Spirit

There are certain aspects of your holiday festivities that you really don’t want to be ugly — your town’s Christmas tree, for example — but, in recent years, the ugly Christmas sweater has become something of a tradition in its own right.

Steeped in the history of unwanted, homemade sweaters of years gone by, today the ugly Christmas sweater party is as much a part of the holidays as watching the same festive films as you do each year or overeating on Christmas day. Who knows what draws us to this natty knitwear — but here’s some inspiration if you’re looking to invest in your own ugly Christmas sweater.

Go Classic

If this is your first festive season celebrating with an ugly Christmas sweater, it’s perhaps best to go for something timeless — like the example above. Presents are a good feature, as are snowmen, as are images of Santa Claus himself.

Claus Clothing

If you’re going to feature Santa Claus on your sweater, why not mix Halloween with Christmas and give someone a festive fright? The terrifying example above is particularly potent.

The Home-Made Look

Shop-bought sweaters can give you professional-grade quality, but there’s something about a home-made sweater that’s often far uglier than anything you could purchase at retail. Pom-poms and glitter are a must — googly eyes are a great choice if you want to go the extra mile.

A Seasonal Smackdown


Perfect for the wrestling fan in your life, this sweater allows its wearer to celebrate the holidays while showing their support for one of the most popular WWF superstars of the 1990s. Steel chair and table not included.

Animal Apparel

Don’t forget that your furry friends enjoy the festive season just as much as you do, as the above image from Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater quite aptly illustrates. Whatever pet you own, outfit them with some Christmas cheer and they’ll be yapping throughout Yuletide.

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