17 Highly Reputable Places to Buy and Sell Instagram Accounts

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The social media space has been growing tremendously since 2015.  Starting with Facebook and now Instagram, these platforms have a huge monthly active user base.  For instance, the photo-sharing platform has 1.28 billion users making up over 28% of internet users globally.

Both corporate and individual users use this platform to showcase their talents and interact with like-minded people.  Companies use Instagram as an advertising platform for their businesses.  They use it to share their products and highlight their services.  The visually appealing designs have enabled them to grow tremendously.

However, nurturing a new Instagram account can be tedious and takes time.  That is why people turn to marketplaces where they can purchase an aged account with tons of followers.  Buying and selling Instagram accounts makes things easier since people don’t spend much time and effort building their follower base.

Although the benefits outweigh the pitfalls, buying and selling these accounts has several risks.  For instance, Instagram doesn’t approve this process, and if caught, the platform will suspend the account.  Even so, there are many platforms where you can buy and sell your Instagram accounts with huge and real followers.  This article provides you with a list of the best third-party sites to safely buy or sell your account and some tips to help you safeguard your personal information.

Best Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Instagram Accounts

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1.    Fameswap

The site is ranked among the safest marketplace to buy and sell Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channels.  Fameswap has safety policies that buyers and sellers must strictly follow, and its services are both quick and efficient.  It serves as the middle man between buyers and sellers of verified and credible accounts.

First, the buyer selects an account on the website and signs up on the platform to see the prices.  The buyer can also communicate with the seller using its messaging platform.  The platform is encrypted and conducts its transactions through the reputable source to guarantee security when buying or selling Instagram accounts.  Its team closely monitors all accounts, thus making it one of the most trusted sites for buying and selling Instagram accounts

2.    123accs

The platform sells aged Instagram accounts with short-term usage regardless of the niche.  These accounts are resistant to block filters and helps brand expand their reach and grow their social profiles.  Other than selling high-quality social media accounts like Instagram, the platform is the source of marketing automation services like SEO, social signals, content writing, social media management, and marketing.

3.    ACC Farm

This is a marketplace for verified social media accounts.  It’s a perfect platform for users with no time to open and grow an account.  You can select an account, pay, and receive it within a short period.  Sellers can dispose of their Instagram accounts in pieces or batches.

Further, you can find an Instagram account as low as $0.99 or as high as $129.99 for at least 20,000 followers.  It’s a safe site because it vets both buyers and sellers as well as the Instagram accounts to eliminate those with ghost followers.

4.    AppSally

The social media growth platform is credible and allows users to trade their Instagram accounts.  The site supports purchasing aged accounts over 5 months old because this speeds up social media marketing activities.

AppSally offers a free 48 hours replacement guarantee in the event that the buyer is not satisfied with it.  However, these accounts are randomly picked, so you don’t have the option of selecting one based on gender.  Further, the account is delivered to you within 5-10 days, depending on the size of the order.  The site is fairly priced and has a money-back guarantee on all undelivered Instagram accounts.

5.    Viral Instas

The website sells Instagram accounts with genuine followers between 4k and 251k.  Viral Instas performs background checks to ensure that the seller and the account are legit, and the following-to-like ratio should be comparable.

Further, the platform does a free audience analysis on the account listed on its site.  The goal is to help buyers run their accounts quickly.

6.    Social Tradia

According to positive reviews from buyers and sellers on various review sites, including Trustpilot, the marketplace is said to be well-organized.  The platform guarantees safety by blocking dishonest buyers and sellers, supporting a risk-free transaction process through reputed payment methods, and a full money-back guarantee within 5 days.

You can get a legit Instagram account with 6,900 followers at $180 on this eye-catching Toronto-based website.  The platform delivers the account within 1-3 days, and the account credentials are sent to the buyer’s email address.  Further, the firm has a well-described blog that educates users on the pros of buying an aged Instagram account as opposed to purchasing mere followers.  Additionally, you can buy an account based on the industry and number of followers.

7.    Insta Sale

This is a free marketplace for Instagram accounts trading.  However, it charges a commission on all successful transactions.  The platform is secure, blocks dishonest vendors or buyers, and protects users’ payments.

The user-friendly platform has friendly prices and an ever-present support team.  For instance, an Instagram account with over 8,600 followers can cost $100 and below.  You can evaluate an account before committing your money, and your transactions are safe and secure.

8.    Toofame

Instagram accounts on this website have organic followers.  The platform promises to block dishonest vendors whose accounts have ghost followers that disappear shortly after purchase.  In fact, it replaces accounts with issues and offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Toofame also delivers its accounts within 24 hours after completing payment.  The platform has good online reviews, including Trustpilot, because of its professional customer service.

9.    Player Up

Instagram has many active users who are celebrities with huge followers and those who are not famous.  Player Up has designed a secure environment where both buyers and sellers can transact.  Buyers can find verified Instagram accounts with genuine followers and conduct a straightforward transaction process with vetted sellers.

That means you can search and find an account, contact the seller, reach an agreement and transact on the platform.  This reputable site provides you with the best tools to buy and sell your Instagram account.

10. Surgegram

The Instagram account marketplace sells authentic and verified accounts at a reasonable price compared to others.  In fact, you can get an account with 100k followers, which is 50% cheaper than other sites.  The huge discounts offered on this platform draw tons of potential buyers and sellers wishing to list their accounts for sale.

Surgegram is an easy-to-use and safe platform for both buyers and sellers.  It offers tools to help you list your account.  Therefore buyers can purchase Instagram accounts on the platform and use and sell it when done with it.

11. E-flipo

Many traders tout E-flipo as the best marketplace for buying and selling Instagram accounts.  It provides geo-targeted accounts with various languages and real followers with active Instagram accounts.

The platform ensures that all listed accounts are authentic and well verified, thus no history of leakages.  As a result, the platform is highly rated and has responsive customer service.  Even so, buyers should check account details before proceeding with the transaction to avoid issues.

12. Bulk Accounts Buy

Instagram users across the world can sell their accounts on this online platform.  That means you can trade your 100k followers without waiting several weeks to receive the payment and without capital investment requirement.

The platform has abiding options starting as low as $0.02 per follower.  It has a simple user interface, an excellent support team, and advanced features that you need.  You can find a suitable Instagram account per your niche by clicking on the Lists of Followers.  You can also search for an account using usernames that match your interest.  In fact, the marketplace will help you find such accounts in seconds.

13. FreewaySocial

Although there are several Instagram marketplaces these days, it’s still difficult to find a good account.  However, an owner of a popular account can generate a decent income a month by selling the account on FreewaySocial. That means you can make hundreds to thousands of dollars from your Instagram account showcasing your adorable baby and pet photos.

The platform provides traders with two-week exchange security.  It verifies all accounts before any transaction to guarantee buyers’ privacy.  Therefore buyers and sellers are in the safest hands possible.

14. AccsMarket

The platform is known to guarantee its buyers a smooth transaction process.  All accounts listed on its site are well-vetted, and their details are displayed to help buyers choose a suitable account for their niche.

Actually, AccMarket provides different geo-targeted accounts making it the perfect market for buyers in various countries.  Its team verifies all counts before listing them on the platform or marketing them to willing buyers.  These Instagram accounts have real followers, and the site of encrypted to ensure safe transactions.

15. Account Warehouse

You can find the right account on this website.  Account Warehouse focuses on selling verified high-quality Instagram accounts through a quick and simple process.  That means you can find legit Instagram account sellers, buyers, and social media influencers with a high following on this platform because it specializes in that.

Further, members of this site are in good standing because they adhere to the terms of service of Instagram.  They range from foodie vloggers, professional fashion bloggers, personal trainers, and much more.  Further, the marketplace showcases various types of Instagram accounts with tons of followers.

16. InstaTradia

The platform has a wide variety of accounts on sale and different packages.  It is the best place for buyers interested in cheap Instagram followers from high-quality sellers.  For instance, you can find an Instagram account with 500 to 500 million followers on InstaTradia.

Further, a seller can create a new Instagram account and list it on this platform at $9 a month.  This is a perfect way to make money on social media.

17. Z2U

The app supports buying and selling verified Instagram accounts with more followers and engagement than standard accounts.  The marketplace has an easy interface and a wide selection of high-quality accounts in the beauty industry.  Therefore Z2U is the perfect platform for business in this field.

Further, the site offers incredible services, unbeatable prices, and a broad selection of high-quality Instagram accounts.  The site has recorded tremendous growth due to organic and word-of-mouth marketing.


Why should you buy an aged Instagram account?

Many individuals and brands buy Instagram accounts to simply skip the line.  They don’t want to build their accounts from scratch and reap the benefits of their hard work.  The reason is that it takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and consistency to nurture an Instagram account unless you’re a viral star or celebrity.

Buying an Instagram account with a significant amount of followers enables you to land at a point where your work is just to keep your pre-grown audience engaged.  Therefore an active Instagram account affords you that.

What should you consider when buying an Instagram account?

There are many benefits and risks linked to buying Instagram accounts online.  First, it gives you a large following, so you don’t have to start from scratch.  However, there are a lot of considerations that you have to take into account before buying an account.  These include.

Who is the seller?

Many scammers on the internet try to lure inexperienced buyers.  So you must conduct a thorough background check on the seller to ascertain that they are trustworthy or the site hasn’t been banned.  Failure to do so you will lose your money, or Instagram will suspend your account.

Are the followers real or bot followers?

The number of followers should compare with those who like posts on it.  That is to say, the following-to-like ratio should be similar.  These followers should be real, not bot followers who disappear after the transaction.  In fact, genuine followers should have active Instagram accounts.

Is there a direct connection between the buyer and sellers?

The platform should facilitate direct communication between the buyer and seller to ensure questions are answered immediately.  While most platforms act as middlemen, you should be careful to avoid being defrauded by dishonest sellers or end up with an account with ghost followers.

Is the payment method secure?

The marketplace should ensure the transaction process is both smooth and secure.  Those who opt to transact via PayPal should choose to buy goods and service options so that they can request a refund in case they’re not satisfied with the account.

Dishonest vendor lures unwary buyers to select the family and friends option, making it difficult to recover the funds.

Is the account worth your money?

You should consider the number of followers your purchase gets you and the amount of effort and time you need before the account can deliver.  It doesn’t also make sense to purchase an Instagram account of another niche because it’s cheap and has a huge following with the hope to convert it to your field.  A music Instagram account can’t be used to market wine, and if you do, you will lose many followers because of posting unrelated content.

What’s the difference between buying Instagram accounts and Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is different from purchasing an aged account with a considerable following.  You shouldn’t consider buying Instagram followers because it’s a violation of policy.  The platform has built machine learning tools to help it detect all accounts with fake likes and followers, which intends to artificially inflate the brand’s online presence.  Instagram also restricts content from such accounts.

Further, these Instagram followers are not always real.  Yet, the few who are genuine don’t take into consideration the content type that you publish or what they like.  Therefore, you’re likely to have a very skewed following-to-like ratio.

Buying an aged account simply means taking charge of an already engaged audience.  It’s comparable to buying an established business or website.  An existing Instagram account lets you take over a niche audience that appreciates your content, message, and products.

What’s Instagram’s policy for trading Instagram accounts?

Plainly speaking, Instagram doesn’t endorse buying, selling, or even transferring its accounts or any aspect of it, including its username.  Its terms don’t support collecting, soliciting, or using badges or login credentials belonging to other users.

There are no legal implications of buying an Instagram account should you choose to proceed because there are no laws against selling, buying, or even transferring any social media asset, Instagram accounts included.  Further, the platform is not known to enforce policies against buying and selling its account compared to the repercussions of buying Instagram followers, likes, or improper obtaining of usernames.

The reason for this laxity is that the frequently traded accounts serve as a form of ad revenue for the platform.  Consistently sharing content on these Instagram accounts keeps users coming back for more content, thus more active users to monetize through ad selling on the platform.

The downside of this is that you can’t complain to Instagram when scammed when buying an Instagram account.  In other words, you will just lose your money if you’re not careful.

What are the risks of buying Instagram accounts?

Buying an Instagram takes you away from the support of Instagram and exposes you to unscrupulous sellers.  You can also end up with an account whose follower base is inflated by bot followers.

However, you can avoid that by doing a thorough background check and paying through reputable third-party services so that you can request a refund when the seller tries to scam you.  Remember, carelessness can lead to a huge loss of crucial marketing resources.

Does an Instagram account niche really matter when buying an account?

Yes, it absolutely matters.

The reason for buying an aged account is to have an already engaged audience that is ready for your content.  Therefore it’s unwise to accept any account because it has many followers and expects it to support your marketing efforts.

In fact, users will completely disengage with your account or begin to unfollow you in thousands when you post content that doesn’t match their interest or demonstrate some form of inconsistency.  Therefore ensure that the type of content that you plan to share on your purchased account matches what the existing audience is already engaged with.

How can one determine whether the Instagram followers are genuine?

A genuine Instagram account has real followers, although it also has a few inactive ones.  You should avoid buying an account whose bot followers inflate follower count.  A good Instagram account should have real followers and a reasonable amount of engagement.  Indeed the quality of the audience of any account is measured by the engagement level but not the number of followers.

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