13 of the Realest #ThanksgivingFail Tweets Trending on Twitter

Thanksgiving is one of the most entertaining holidays to watch unravel on Twitter. It’s a day full of familial obligations, high-stress complicated meals (did anyone else know you have to thaw your turkey for several days?), drama, over-eating, and plenty of awkward questions. You spent the evening deflecting, counting all the things you have to be thankful for, and defending the fact that you’re still single, even though your cousin three years younger just tied the knot.

Not to mention the fact that most Thanksgiving dinners are followed by some intense Black Friday shopping – elbowing other soccer moms out of the way as you compete for one of the bundle deals for an Xbox One at Walmart.

Thanksgiving is a confusing holiday.

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is watching the drama unfold under the trending #ThanksgivingFail on Twitter.

It’s exactly one week before Thanksgiving and Twitter is already lighting up with some comedic gold.

Make sure you join in on the conversation and tweet your best #ThanksgivingFail this holiday season! We’re excited to read your stories.


Grace Buchele Mineta is a quirky Texan freelancer, living in Tokyo with her Japanese salaryman husband. She runs the blog “Texan in Tokyo”, where she draws comics about her daily life as a newlywed navigating silly cultural misunderstandings as an interracial couple.


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