12-Year-Old’s Pro-Life Speech Isn’t Fake, But It Is Old [Video]

pro-life argument in video

A video of a 12-year-old girl presenting a pro-life case on the issue of abortion is getting a lot of love from conservatives on social media, prompting a handful of folks to reach out to SocialNewsDaily requesting an investigation into the clip. Right now might be a good time to remind all of our readers that just because something is controversial and divisive (read: you don’t agree with it) doesn’t make it a hoax. We’ll explain.

The video above features a 12-year-old girl named Lia who delivers a pro-life speech (presumably to her class) that quote “stunned her pro-life teacher.” The post has gained traction through conservative publications like IJReview and YoungCons, which specialize in political posts with titles designed to get your clicks and shares.

From the description on ViralVida:

At first Lia’s pro-choice teacher told her that she was disqualified from the school’s speech competition because her topic was too controversial. But then she HEARD the speech and was so blown away she changed her mind. Lia went on to WIN the competition! And no wonder. Lia is more articulate than 98% of the people I know.

There isn’t much to go by from the video itself. Lia speaks directly to the camera, and though she does make reference to her “fellow students” and teachers, they are neither seen nor heard in the video, so there’s no way to corroborate claims that her teacher is pro-choice, that said teacher sought to disqualify her from a speech competition, or even that the teacher was left “blown away” by Lia’s argument.

Everything we know about the video comes from the source itself which, may we be the first publication to point out, is pretty old. The video was originally uploaded in early 2009, and though it has racked up an impressive 1.5 million hits, comments have been disabled (which usually means that they were pretty bad).

From the video’s channel, which gives us the young pro-life activist’s full name “Lia Mills,” there are numerous other such videos featuring lectures on the issue of abortion. Comments on those are about as divided as you might guess, with many engaging Lia in respectable debate (which she does participate in), others flaming her, and others still singing her praises.

Some of the frequent accusations leveled against Lia Mills is that she’s a mouthpiece for the views of her parents, which may be evident in the description of the viral video up top. In it, one of her parents says the following, along with a link to more information regarding a “scientific and philosophical evidence regarding the case for life”:

“My daughter prepared and delivered this speech for her grade 7 class. Even those who didn’t agree with her loved it.”

We’ve reached out to Lia Mills through her YouTube page to ask her a few questions about her video series, and will link to a new post that concludes our investigation of the late-virality of her video if and when she gets back to us. Until then, we’re putting a stamp of authenticity on the video above, so long as you understand that it’s from 2009 and not 2014, as so many have neglected to point out.


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