#100Days100Nights: Los Angeles Gangs Using Social Media To Threaten Violence

Los Angeles Gang Violence
[Photo credit: LA Times]

Various social media platforms are warning of gang violence in Los Angeles after more than six gang-related shootings have taken place. One person is dead and at least a dozen are wounded after the violence. It seems as warnings of violence are flooding social media, even though it is hard to tell what is true or rumor.

One of the biggest claims being made is that one gang has vowed 100 days of violence after a 27-year-old man was killed. This threat has sparked hashtags such as #PrayForLA and the more popular one #100Days100Nights.



It seems as if there are conflicting stories of how the #100days100night thing came to be. Whatever the reason, there has been an escalation of crime.

The Los Angeles Police Department says they are keep track of the threats and warnings. Gang intervention workers are out and about on the streets. Police say there is no reason to believe these threats, but fear still seems to be spreading.

Of course, there are some that aren’t afraid. Even some people who believe this is all a rumor, a hoax or a conspiracy.

Others are using the story as an example of the how the media shapes the way we think.


It is important to note that the shootings were all located in one of LA’s most violent neighborhoods.

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