100 Push Ups In 100 Days [Video]

The star of this YouTube video will make you want to drop and do some push-ups.

“Give it 100” offers regular people the chance to show off progress in their activity of choice. People have learned to walk again, some wrote their lover every day, others stretched until they could touch their toes.

Ain’t time lapsed video grand?

The push-up lady has drawn 66,775 views in two days. 760 kind people have taken the time to click the thumbs up button on YouTube.

We reached out to representatives from Give it 100 and learned that Estella Gong is the woman in the inspiring video.

She’s a sophomore studying computer engineering at the University of Central Florida. Estella gave Give it 100 a try to measure her progress, the push-up an exercise she’d struggled with in the past.

“I still remember the days when I couldn’t do a single regular push-up. It seemed like I was “planking” on the floor for the longest time, all the time,” Gong said through a spokesperson.

The woman now enjoying internet stardom for physical exercise was once self-conscious about her body, describing herself as scrawny. She couldn’t do a single push-up four years ago, but now, times have changed. Her initial goal was to progress to more advanced push-ups.

Estella, you made it my friend.

Thanks to Social News Daily reader Orion Hombrebueno for the tip. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to drop and do 100.

[Image Credit:sun dazed]

Pete Myers

Pete Myers is a father, writer and small business owner who lives in Des Moines. Pete is an advocate for veterans groups that seek to improve awareness of PTSD and reduce suicide rates among returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. In his spare time he lives, breathes and eats sports.


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