10 Surprising Facts About the Elite 1% of the Country

Once upon a time, there was a middle class. A class that existed between the rich and the downtrodden. Now, no such social class exists. There are two tiers of living. You are either living in the top tier or you are living on the bottom rung, with little breathing room between the two.

And while it could be said most of us are the 99%, we often look to the 1% with resentment, thinking we understand them or assume their lives are easy. While that may be the case with some, there are a lot of surprising facts about the 1% most aren’t even aware of. Some may please you, some may sicken you.

Keep in mind, we are not trying to make you a 1% sympathizer. Just like to cover all aspects of the argument for the sake of unbiased journalism. And if anything, this video will only depress you more if you are struggling financially like most of us are right now.




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