10 of the Best Parody Accounts on Twitter

For every genuinely funny parody account on Twitter, there’s a hundred that miss the mark by a long way. Here are some of the parodies that won’t have you wondering why you ever thought to follow them in the first place.

10. @FilmCritHULK

This one is a simple, if bizarre concept; noted green superhero the Incredible Hulk shares film criticism in an all-caps style meant to reflect his ‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’ persona. Now a regular columnist on Badass Digest as well as a top-tier Twitter parody.

9. @KimKierkegaard

A winning combination of the ideas of noted 19th century philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and the observations of 21st century socialite Kim Kardashian. Often difficult to tell which part of the tweet came from whom.

8. @BoringMilner

English football star James Milner is a bit of an easy target, but it’s really hard to argue against how consistently funny this account is. Interactions with fellow footballers—particularly in the form of SMS conversations screenshotted for your perusal—are a particular highlight.

7. @SarcasticRover

Catty observations from a sentient NASA robot might not seem like an obvious avenue for comedy, but against all odds it works. You will almost certainly be surprised by how often the Sarcastic Rover tweets.

6. @GRRM

Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin has become something of a star alongside the popularity of his books, mainly for his lively presence in interviews and public appearances. The writer now has an official Twitter account, but most would agree that the parody is a more accurate reflection of how often he thinks about killing off popular characters.

5. @yaboybillnye


Just like the real Bill Nye, this parody makes science entertaining and fun. Unlike the real Bill Nye, this parody account uses phrases like ‘real talk’ and ‘it twerks me’ on a regular basis.

4. @BBCSporf


Sports banter can so easily become obnoxious, but the balance of actually funny tweets and interesting facts that BBC Sporf provides makes it a must-follow.

3. @notzuckerberg

As the username states, this isn’t the real Mark Zuckerberg—or is it? Seemingly carrying on from Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of the Facebook founder in The Social Network, Mark lets rip on just about every other social platform going.

2. @Vice_Is_Hip


This incredibly well-observed deconstruction of Vice Magazine delivers a steady stream of headlines that artfully ape the style and tone that Vice has been built upon. For all the great work and interesting reporting that Vice do, it’s still very funny to see their house style get a bit of a ribbing once in a while.

1. @Queen_UK

A long-running Twitter parody that has now spawned a spin-off book and animated series, this look into the life of a more straight-talking Queen Elizabeth II has racked up more than a million followers. This isn’t the only parody account of the Queen that’s active on Twitter, but it’s almost certainly the best.

Is there a parody account that we’ve missed? Something new that’s been a highlight of your Twitter feed this week? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

Magui Sandjou


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