YouTube Rolls Out Completely New Design

YouTube has been testing a new design for a few months now and has now officially launched its brand new look. The new design is very sleek and puts more focus on subscriptions. Even the main video feed on the homepage is still in place but has been slightly tweaked.

The feed has been widened and when you scroll over a video from a subscription an arrow on the top right appears. Clicking the new scroll-over arrow will show several options:

  • Hide this activity
  • Only show uploads from [Username]
  • Get an email for each upload from [Username]
  • Unsubscribe from [Username]

YouTube has made it difficult to only show uploads from subscriptions so you’ll have to manually go through each one in the feed and select “Only show uploads from.” With the current changes the main video feed is full of recommendations, comments subscriptions have left, likes and posts.

On the left hand side of the homepage you can still switch between “My Subscriptions” and “Social” which shows you videos shared from circles on Google+.

All your subscriptions are directly below those tabs in the sidebar and you can sort by “Most Relevant,” “New Activity,” and alphabetically. You can also scroll through your entire list of subscriptions without having to leave the homepage.

“Browse” and “Movies” have been removed from the YouTube navigation bar. Now, there’s just the search bar and “Upload” with quick access to your account on the far right. To browse channels a link has been added in the left hand sidebar below your subscriptions and “Manage Subscriptions” is directly below that.

To see a full look at the new design check out our post here before heading over to YouTube.



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