Your Daily Richard Sherman Twitter Fued

If it seems like Richard Sherman is feuding on Twitter every day that’s because he is. Sherman is an ultra-talented, over-achieving football player and he knows it. His trash talk packaged with an obnoxious edge that has angered more than one rival this off season.

Richard Sherman basically thinks he’s better than everyone else alive. Especially contemporary NFL cornerbacks.

After exchanging smack talk with LeGarrette Blount after Blount had the nerve to praise teammate Aqib Talib for his contract extension, Sherman was back at it again with DeAngleo Hall.

In fairness, if we’re doing the old playground “he started it” thing, DeAngelo Hall started yesterday’s war with Sherman.

The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks run a defensive scheme which effectively uses Sherman to lock down one side of the field. The loquacious one remains on the left side and covers whoever lines up against him.

According to Hall, playing just one side of the field, doesn’t equate to following the top receiver everywhere on the field.

Richard Sherman isn’t one to restrain himself from saying what he thinks (ask Erin Andrews). Sherman predictably fired back at DeAngelo Hall with his blend of Compton and Stanford venom.

Before the dust cleared, retired NFL players Chad Johnson and Darrell Green became involved. (Sherman eventually apologized and deleted the exchange from his account)

@DeAngeloHall23 ain’t never disrespected u…. U coming with this nonsense …..gonna be tough on ya

— Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) March 14, 2014

@DeAngeloHall23 Hahahahagaga …..make sure u keep getting cut and being a busy who occasionally gets lucky

— Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) March 14, 2014

@RSherman_25 not at all young fella. Check my stats. Then after that go check my BANK account.

– DeAngelo Hall (@DeAngeloHall23) March 14, 2014

@RSherman_25 just make sure you stay in Seattle cause without that pass rush you are who we thought you were. 5th rd PK no speed good hands

– DeAngelo Hall (@DeAngeloHall23) March 14, 2014

@DeAngeloHall23 let me know when u ever have an 8 pick season…. Please….I’ll be awaiting that call

— Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) March 14, 2014

@RSherman_25 let me know when you get 4INTs in one game.

– DeAngelo Hall (@DeAngeloHall23) March 14, 2014

Finally! Chad Johnson of all people serves as the voice of reason.

Stay tuned later today for the next Richard Sherman social media pissing contest!

[Photo Credit: Mike Morris]

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