Yahoo Poaching YouTube Stars, Promising Bigger Bucks [Report]


Yahoo has been making major strides since former Googler Marissa Mayer took over as CEO in 2012, and a new report claims it’s poaching top YouTube talent.

According to Re/code, the tech company is attempting to lure major stars away from the world’s largest video site, and feature them on their network.

While Yahoo is not trying to create its own YouTube competitor per say, it is wanting to branch further out into video.

“The strategy in the works — which Yahoo hopes to launch in the next few months — is aimed at taking advantage of persistent complaints by both video creators and owners, who think that they don’t make enough money on YouTube.”

A recent infographic claimed that YouTubers are making just a small fraction of what was previously believed, and Yahoo is reportedly promising better earnings.

To do this, Re/code says that the company is willing to increase video ad revenue or offer guaranteed ad rates (CPMs) on videos uploaded to its network.

It’s an ambitious plan, but Yahoo is also reported to help video creators market their content across its network of sites, including on the homepage.

“After a year, one source inside Yahoo said, it might open the platform up further. One source inside the company said that Yahoo is prepping a new content management system for the effort, although some have suggested it could also buy an existing service like Vimeo.”

Considering that Yahoo has acquired 37 companies in under two years, the idea of an acquisition isn’t too far out of the realm of possibilities.

Photo credit: Cyril Attias

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