World’s Biggest Chess Piece Constructed In St. Louis [Video]


Members of the Missouri Chess Hall of Fame assembled the largest chess piece on the planet: a king standing at 20 feet tall.

Largest chess piece in the world; Photo: World Chess Hall of Fame / Michael DeFilippo

Guinness World Records reported the massive wooden sculpture, crafted this year in Saint Louis to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Saint Louis Chess Club, is the largest chess piece in the world, trouncing a 14-foot, 7-inch tall piece constructed in 2012.

The erect king, sculpted from African sapele mahogany, stands in the city in front of the World Chess Hall of Fame.

“The iconic king chess piece not only serves as a beacon for the Saint Louis Chess Campus, but also a regional and national landmark that exemplifies Saint Louis’ impact on the sport and art of American chess,” expressed Brian Flowers, marketing communications coordinator for the World Chess Hall of Fame.

Aside this, there are numerous peculiar Guinness World Records in existence. Some include:

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