Woman Takes Off Knickers & Uses Them as Face Mask to Get Served


A woman told unless she was donning a mask she wouldn’t be served by the post office staff – whipped her knickers off in front of waiting customers.

Camera footage from inside a Ukraine post office on Wednesday displays the woman nearing the counter without a cover on her face. In early April, the country was given new constrictive measures to curve the circulation of COVID-19, which included having to wear a respirator or mask in all public places. Under the guidelines, a ‘public place’ is part of any structure which the public has entry to – including parks, playgrounds, markets, shops, subways, and public transportations.

via News Punch

In the footage, the lady is witnessed being spoken to by a post office staff member, presumptively because of her lack of face shielding, before she postures outside the building. In order to skip around the regulations – and to elude having to get in another extended post office line – the woman snatches off her leggings, then her knickers and jostles them on her head. The post office has confirmed the situation, according to local media.

The video was posted on the web by an employee of the post office, who now faces penalties for leaking company information, reports local news outlets. Witnesses claim the woman in the footage is a native mother-of-two. Commenting on the clip on social media, one watcher wrote: “Well, she found a way around it. No-one has banned the use of panties instead of a mask yet.”


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