Wiz Khalifa Tweets Selfie From Prison Before Dropping ’28 Grams’ Mixtape

wiz khalifa

You don’t have to monitor the newswire to find out if Wiz Khalifa has been arrested. All you have to do is follow the singer on Twitter. Shortly after being arrested for marijuana possession, Wiz Khalifa sent out a selfie from his prison cell.

According to Billboard, Khalifa was arrested after he attempted to bring marijuana on a plane with him from El Paso to Dallas.

Khalifa wasn’t too happy about getting arrested but it wasn’t for the reason you think. The singer wasn’t worried about jail time or probation or anything like that, he was worried about delaying the release of his mixtape “28 Grams.”

And like any good music mogul, Khalifa used the opportunity to plug his mix tape a few more times from his prison cell.

Wiz promised his fans that he would drop the mixtape as soon as he got out of jail and the singer delivered. “28 Grams” features 28 songs and has already been downloaded thousands of times.

You can listen to it below.

Now, I’m not saying that Wiz Khalifa got himself arrested on purpose, but… A prison selfie on the day you’re releasing a mixtape? A jail that apparently has no problem with you hanging on to your cellphone? This could be the future of music marketing.

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