Win $100,000 From The St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams really want to give away one hundred grand and their social media feed reflects the desire.

The Rams are offering $100,000 to anyone who correctly predicts their 2014 schedule.

In order to collect the prize one would have to accurately guess all 17 weeks of the schedule, including the bye week.

The winner would also have to nail the opponent, location and the exact date of every game.

Warren Buffet’s billion dollar bracket was a long-shot, the Rams schedule challenge, maybe your odds are better, but don’t bet the farm.

St. Louis Rams was a trending topic midday Tuesday thanks to the promotion. You may sign up for the guessing game here.

Make your picks wisely as only one entry is allowed.

The NFL has yet to indicate when exactly the 2014 schedule will be released. Don’t worry fans, football being football, the NFL Network will have the schedule release covered with a 12 hour live special.

For the record: The NFL schedule was released on April 18th in 2013.

The St. Louis Rams have been in your face with this particular tweet for the last 24 hours. #GuessOurGames the hashtag of choice.

Pete Myers

Pete Myers is a father, writer and small business owner who lives in Des Moines. Pete is an advocate for veterans groups that seek to improve awareness of PTSD and reduce suicide rates among returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. In his spare time he lives, breathes and eats sports.


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