White House Shareables Launches, Obama Supporters Get Ammo

white house shareables

Today’s launch of White House Shareables comes from the most social media friendly political administration to date — which, we admit is also a function of technological progression.

It’s a thing of lore that the White House remained in President Obama’s hands in part due to a masterful and unprecedented social media campaign.

And while Mitt Romney hit up the Republican National Convention in hurricane-stricken Florida, the Commander In Chief and leader of the free world set his sights on a different caucus … Reddit, the internet’s most powerful voting block of loveable neckbeards. Not only did Obama correctly use his own “not bad” meme, but he delighted the upvote-bearing voters by answering the question of whether he’d prefer to fight 100 duck-sized horses or a smaller number of horse-sized ducks.

The new White House Shareables page indicates that the Obama administration doesn’t see social media as simply a place to earn votes, but also a place to rally supporters and galvanize evangelists to spread information about policy and other issues.

In a blog post, the White House explains:

Earlier today, we released our latest feature in that effort: White House Sharables. Head over and take a look some of our favorite content in one easy-to-navigate page. You can sort by the issues important to you, or the type of content you’d like to see.

Over on White House Shareables, you can sort by issue, see a list of infographics, or find videos to post about Obama campaign updates on your social accounts. Do you use social media to spark discussion about political news, or do you prefer lighter social content?

Kim LaCapria

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