What Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing means for Americans

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of the most prominent women in America’s modern history. She was a former associate justice of the United States Supreme court.  Ginsburg was a woman of immense power and influence, being in her position over two decades. She has worked with a long list of US Presidents and is widely known for her advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality. Ginsburg is highly revered by Americans not only for who she is but for all the work she has done in her lifetime. Sadly, she passed away on the 18th of September, 2020.

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Her youth and inspiration

Celia, Ruth Ginsburg’s mother, wanted her daughter to have a good education. Often, Celia would take young Ruth to the library to instill in her the value of learning. Due to financial constraints, Celia was never sent to college despite having to graduate highschool. This is why she wanted her daughter to be able to get a degree in college and be a history teacher when she grows up. As sad as it is, Celia died a day before Ruth’s High School graduation. She was never able to witness the greatness her daughter has become.

Ruth attended Cornell University for college with a bachelor’s degree in arts, as a fulfillment to the wishes of her late mother. It is not unusual for women to go to college in the 1950s just like Ruth did. However, women were not expected to use their degrees for work, let alone use it as a pre-law degree. Many women are sent to university to find a good match for a husband. Although she did find a husband at Cornell, this is what set Ruth Bader Ginsburg apart from others. She married and had a child in 1954. A year after this, she was one of nine women (ina total roll of 500 students) to enroll in Harvard Law School.

An Inspiration: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

In her route towards graduating law, it was inevitable that she would face adversaries in taking a place “much more fitted for men”. The dean of Harvard law invited Ginsburg, along with the eight other women in her class. The dean questioned the women why they were in law school. In people’s heads, women have no place in law school. Women cannot be lawyers. Growing up in this bubble where women’s capabilities are limited by societal expectations, Ruth Ginsburg beat all odds. She was the first woman to be in two major law reviews (after transferring to Columbia Law). She graduated first (a tie) of her class at Columbia Law. Ginsburg was ahead of her time and this may be one of the reasons why she became a strong advocate of gender equality and women’s rights.

Many judges and people from the industry rejected Ginsburg despite graduating first in her class.  Simply, Judge Frankfurt rejected her for being a woman. It was thanks to her abilities that many of her professors believed in her. A Columbia professor (Gerald Gunther) recommended her to become Judge Palmieri’s legal clerk. Judge Palmieri had his thoughts and reservations about hiring a woman. However, Palmieri accepted Ginsburg for the clerkship position.

A Political Crisis for Ruth Ginsburg’s successor

She served for 27 years and has put into place multiple laws on abortion, gender equality, gender discrimination, tribally owned land, and more. Replacing her is not an easy thing. She is so popular that many films and documentaries are dedicated to her life. However, her passing has paved the way for creating a new America. The president usually assigned the position for justice in the United States Supreme Court. Elections are coming soon and the selection of a new Supreme Court justice could create a political crisis and could turn the results of the elections. It is not a secret that Ginsburg has overruled President Trump repetitively in the past few years. The President already installed two justices on the high court. The President has the chance to nominate a new successor before the elections.

What could Americans lose in her passing?

If Trump becomes successful in nominating a candidate for justice, it will tip over the balance to 6-3 advantage. This means that there are six republican justices to three democrats. This will severely affect the votes on the senatorial floor. Unfortunately, favor could go sideways and create a conservative dominant court that could last for decades.

In the future, women’s rights to abortion could become an electoral issue. This means that pro-choice and pro-life individuals have a fight in their midst. Another future issue is the inability of migrants to move to the US. When the president wins again, his administration would surely enforce new policies. Americans have lost inspiration and legacy. In the way that the events are turning, it would seem that things could turn for the worse in the coming days.

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