What Is Artificial Intelligence – Define Artificial Intelligence

definition artificial intelligence 4
definition artificial intelligence 4

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artifical intelligence 2
artificial intelligence 2


If we give a little thought, we encounter Artificial Intelligence almost every day. For example, Facebook shows us ads that we like. Again, when we do some search on Google, Google releases many web sites in our search results considering the various judgments. How do these happen? This magical name is Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence. What is Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence discussed today and where is it used?


What Is Artificial Intelligence?


People can consider justice with their intelligence, solve problems, learn on their own. That is why people are intelligent. The goal of making a machine as intelligent as human and science is artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence.


History Of Artificial Intelligence


The idea of artificial intelligence came from a science fiction called “Rushmore’s Universal Robots” by Karel Capek in 122. Later in the year 1, English mathematician, Ellen Turing spoke on Artificial Intelligence. Originally after World War II, artificial intelligence emerged. From then on, research on artificial intelligence began. This has only increased in the aftermath of computer misconduct.


artificial intelligence 3


Artificial beings capable of thinking originally emerged as storytellers, the idea of trying to create a device for demonstrating effective reasoning, probably starting with Ram Lol (9 AD). With his Calculus RatioCinator, Gottfried Leibniz expanded the concept of mathematical machines (Wilhelm Scheckhardt did the first engineering work around 122), to conduct operations on concepts rather than numbers. From the nineteenth century, artificial people became commonplace in science fiction, such as Mary Sally’s Frankenstein or Karel Capek’s R.U.R. (Russo’s Universal Robots) can be mentioned. 


Where Is The Use Of Artificial Intelligence?


Computer software, websites, robots. Also, artificial intelligence is used on various machines. Many of the world’s largest companies, including Google, Apple, Microsoft have come up with Artificial Intelligence. The only reason is to teach the machine to work manually. It will improve our quality of life. And many companies are working on artificial intelligence to improve the quality of life.


define artificial intelligence
define artificial intelligence 


Not just limited to artificial intelligence in the field of computer technology. Also, the use of sophisticated intelligence in marketing, financial services, research, automotive, banking, health, telecommunications and many more.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Although scientists have yet to demonstrate complete mastery, almost everything in this world of technology will be controlled by artificial intelligence in the future.

What people know a lot is largely evaluated as a “work estimate.” For example, if a bird comes into discussion, humans usually depict an animal that has a special shape, mark, and who can fly. None of these things are true of all birds. John McCarthy 1 identified this problem as a problem of merit: There are several exceptions to the AI researchers that represent a commonsense rule. Almost nothing that is needed for abstract logic is true or false. AI research has traveled in many ways to solve this problem.


definition artificial intelligence 4
definition of artificial intelligence 4


Everyone knows that nuclear matter is too big. Research projects require a hard amount of hard-working engineering to develop complete knowledge based on common knowledge (e.g., psych) – they will certainly solve complex ideas with their hands. The main goal is to have enough ideas for the computer to understand the concepts needed by reading from sources like computer, and thus be able to add to its ontology.


Define Artificial Intelligence


Most of what people know is not presented as “facts” or “statements” that they can verbally express. For example, a chess master will skip a certain chess range because it “feels too revealing” or an art critic can feel fake just by looking at a statue. These are the unconscious and subtle symbols or tendencies of the human brain. Providing such knowledge, support is essentially symbolic and a context for conscious knowledge is given. In addition to the sub-symbolic reasoning problems, it is hoped that situated AI, computational intelligence or statistical AI will provide ways to represent such knowledge.


define artificial intelligence 3
define artificial intelligence 3

The intelligent representative needs to set goals and be able to achieve them. They need to have some way to be able to predict the visibility of the future – representing the conditions of the world and how their actions will change – and be able to choose the most choices of available choices (or “values”).


The Good And The Evil Of Artificial Intelligence


There is a fierce debate in the Bodh Mahal about whether the proliferation of artificial intelligence will bring relief or increase suffering for the world in the days to come. The rapid improvement of science has given the peace of living in the parasitic world, will be even faster; Or is it possible to think of human civilization as an unknown catastrophe?


definition artificial intelligence 5
definition artificial intelligence 5


When a machine looks like human intelligence, that is what is considered artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the machine capable of reasoning, problem-solving, ability to understand human language, perception, learning, planning, changing the position of an object, or interfering with something.


From that point on, the idea of walking on foot has created an awkward situation in today’s world. In addition to making the world happier and more comfortable, a question has arisen: its continued expansion will bring blessings to global civilization; Or will the whole world be threatened by the threat? The thought of the world is falling on the forehead of scientists.

Artificial Intelligence Definition


Developed countries are plundering profits for the welfare of the industrialized industry, capitalizing on the concept that is rife in the world of science, and is geared towards expanding the profit-making sector. As can be seen in the case of Masaosi Sun. Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, And Sun is the country’s richest.


definition artificial intelligence 2
definition artificial intelligence 2


Founder and CEO of telecom company SoftBank Masawosi Sun is highly discussed for its investment in various domestic and foreign businesses, its role in Japan’s technological development and humanitarian activities. His business as a Forbes Magazine is worth $ 22.5 billion. Although SoftBank is a core business, it has business partnerships with e-commerce giant Alibaba and French robotics firm Aldebaran.

Recently, he signed a 5 percent equity purchase of Uber, a US-based share company. Meanwhile, Sun Soft Bank has set up a $ 1 billion venture fund to invest in startup businesses. His technology has shaken the world.

It is thought that the fund will be used to invest in artificial intelligence. About artificial intelligence, Sun said, “I think five years from today, the number of smart robots in the world will be 3 billion. These robots will take on the job of the people at large. The industries that people have developed will all be redefined. ‘


Uses Of Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, Jack Ma, one of the founders of Alibaba, known as the leader of e-commerce at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland, highlighted some of the risks and possibilities of the global economy.


Jack Ma said, “We are fortunate that the world is now on the path to great change for the sake of technology. This technology will create many successful personalities, stimulating interests; But every new technology also creates social problems. If we cannot be one to deal with it, then people will fight against each other. Because every technological revolution destabilizes the world. “


It is thought that the fund will be used to invest in artificial intelligence. About artificial intelligence, Sun said, “I think five years from today, the number of smart robots in the world will be 3 billion. These robots will take on the job of the people at large. The industries that people have developed will all be redefined. ‘

What Is Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, Jack Ma, one of the founders of Alibaba, known as the leader of e-commerce at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland, highlighted some of the risks and possibilities of the global economy.

Jack Ma said, “We are fortunate that the world is now on the path to great change for the sake of technology. This technology will create many successful personalities, stimulating interests; But , every new technology also creates social problems. If we cannot be one to deal with it, then people will fight against each other. Because every technological revolution destabilizes the world. “


He also mentioned artificial intelligence and Big Data as a threat to globalization, as well as supporting it. His assessment in this regard is – artificial intelligence and robots will take away numerous jobs. Because in the future a lot of things will be done with the machine.


In the coming days, scientists are warning of the widespread use of artificial intelligence devices, such as robots, in medical care, in the office, in the industry, in the press or the media, in the translation process, in the telephone service, in scientific research, in hotels and restaurants.


Definition of AI

Ryan Ayers – who is known as a business strategy guru, mentioned six issues in an article about the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life –


1. Automatic transport system 2. Cyborg technology – mechanical organs that will be driven by the brain. 4 dangerous or dangerous work. To solve the problem of climate change 3. Friendly robot 4. Advanced care for the elderly. It is reported that artificial intelligence media companies have already become very popular in Japan. Many big companies have survived the hassle of putting their financial affairs at the helm on intelligent machines.


Scientists estimate the robot will be able to write a best-seller book by 20. Although small novels made by intelligent machines in Japan have already been considered for the Literary Prize. A group of scientists at the University of Oxford have expressed their view that in the next 122 years, all human beings will be able to complete the task through intelligent machines.


What Is Artificial Intelligence


Responding to a question on how artificial intelligence can overcome its creator and pose a threat to humankind, he said that the development strategy of artificial intelligence will reach a level where they can improve themselves without human help. And if that happens, then we have to face an explosion of intelligence; As a result, mechanical intelligence will overcome us. Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, described the development of artificial intelligence as the summoning of the summoning the Demon, the monster called the “greatest threat to mankind.”


He characterized it as more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. He called upon the national and international community to impose restraints on the development of artificial intelligence.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai, a leading figure in artificial intelligence research, recently spoke of the catastrophic danger of using artificial intelligence. In an interview with the US media The Washington Post, he said, “IT companies should adhere to certain policies to prevent the misuse of artificial intelligence.” And how technology can be abused, you have to think first. We need to be careful not only to invent and develop new technologies, but also to use the technology that does not go against human civilization.


Define Artificial Intelligence


Recently, a small robot serving cuisine at the United States University of California in Berkeley caught fire because of a mechanical error. This has caused concern in the minds of those concerned. However, little is known as to whether scientists have linked the Earth’s environmental disaster with the proliferation of artificial intelligence.


The tools that will be used to create artificial intelligence, and when these machines or parts that are left unused after use, turn into waste, there is a danger of environmental damage. The spread of it will continue to happen with other social and environmental disasters, such as environmental pollution. Only the polythene and the stomach bottle debris have pushed the Pacific Ocean and other oceans into the Great Depression.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Plants, including living creatures in the blue waters of the sea, have been in dire straits. Also, how the environment of the next world will stand, in the way the electronic environment of computers, mobiles and other electronic devices is weighing on the environment; There is a lot to think about! In the meantime, the pattern of global climate change appears to be concentrating on the danger to the world.

Recently, in the UK Parliament, Pepper, a robot roaming the board, was invited to hear about the Education Committee’s artificial intelligence and ‘fourth industrial revolution’.


During the hearing, members of the committee ask Piper that when artificial intelligence reigns in the world, will there be room for humans? In response, Pepper assured the committee members that there would always be some need for subtle skills, which are only human. These skills include creating and managing intelligence and technology.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Whatever the machinery of Piper is to say, it is certainly not an indicator of intelligence to find something good in making the world functioning inaccessible to the real world. Lazy brains, like the devil’s factory, will cause unemployed people to become a cause of unrest for society and the state, which will push this world to disaster – it cannot be desired by anyone.

Therefore, conscientious researchers, scientists, businessmen, and world leaders all over the world must reach a consensus to ensure the safe use of artificial intelligence by taking effective steps and establishing regulatory laws to prevent it.

Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat To Human Life?


Everything is breaking down Everything from politics, economy, society, culture, relationships, bonds, friendships, worlds, civilizations. In the job market, ears are heard, but there are sounds of breaking. So everything is going to dissolve? No, the fragmentation is taking on new forms. The abundance of technology and the unique excellence of science has set us in the face of a time where all the old-fashioned ideas are going away. The innovations areas if they are crying out, ‘The new baby has come, the space has to be left.’


If you look a little better, you can see that there is a ‘new baby’ in the job market. His name is ‘Robot’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’. There is an intense revolution in the recruitment process of these young children. If you cannot be the companion of that revolution, you young man of the new age, then your defeat is inevitable. So let’s welcome robots and Artificial Intelligence as well as artificial intelligence while it’s time.


What Is Artificial Intelligence


The triumph of artificial intelligence has begun all over the world. In particular, the application of artificial intelligence has become an essential issue in the hiring process. According to a recent report in the United States influential magazine Fortune, the world’s top five companies have begun using automation in their recruitment process. According to the report, the job seekers are searching for the most suitable candidate by analyzing various words from the CV of the robot! In addition to robots, the use of artificial intelligence and the use of machine learning tools has become increasingly popular among international organizations worldwide.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

For example, through the analysis of social media accounts, an organization called DepSens is assigned by various organizations to determine the character and intelligence of a person. The company, based in San Francisco and India, says they use data science to analyze a person’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is possible to determine your behavioral skills by analyzing what kind of pictures you are posting on social media, what you write, what kind of news you share, how your profile picture is used, etc.


Definition Of Artificial Intelligence


In addition to the job of analyzing the voice of the person, the manner of speaking, the manner of speaking and the appearance of the words while speaking, the job is also given! Higher View, an organization that has traditionally achieved enormous success using this new method in the recruitment process. Jason Bellini, a representative of the popular television show Moving Upstream Abbv, visited the High View office to see and understand the matter. Jason Bellini writes in the Wall Street Journal after visiting his office in South Jordan, USA, that the company selects staff through digital interviews for more than half of the world’s companies, including Unilever, Hilton. In this case, they also use artificial intelligence.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

However, their application is different. A higher view identifies the IQ, talent, ability and ability of the interviewer by analyzing the interviewer’s voice, pronunciation, spelling, speech, gestures, etc. while interviewing online. Higher View’s chief psychologist Nathan Mondragon says they use software that allows them to analyze a person’s smile, face, and blink. It can determine the emotions, feelings, and personality of the person. The software identifies the interviewer by talking to him freely or speaking with fear, giving the correct information or giving incorrect information, telling the truth or lying – all by recognizing his face, voice and body language. The name of the software is Face Analyzer.

Uses Of Artificial Intelligence


So, the day of getting a job in Uncle-in-law is buried. No matter how hard you work, how much you give up, how dedicated you are, how gentle, how skilled you are in teamwork – no need for uncles anymore to make a recommendation. Now the robot is the most efficient in these tasks. Robots are now pulling out all the news inside you with the use of artificial intelligence. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Tool, etc. are determining what works best for you.


Whether you’re posting on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., sharing what, visiting some sites, spending time on groups or pages, searching for some hotel, what kind of e-commerce site visits – all of these online. Footprint continues to be in the virtual world. As a result, your character, likes, dislikes can be found online. Many of us think that we have privacy on our social media accounts, so where I see what, what pictures I download, what I like in a post, I comment on a post – no one seems to see it. This idea is not correct. Because all your data is open, there is nothing called private data.


Artificial Intelligence Definition


You will notice that whenever you install an app or register on a site on a computer, they are initially told that they will use your data according to their terms and conditions. You have no control over your data. Social media companies can and should use your data the way they want. In March, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg apologized for admitting that Facebook users’ information went to a political consulting firm. Earlier, allegations were made by a company called Cambridge Analytica that collected information about users through the Facebook app and used it for their political clients. Cambridge Analytica is no longer a political customer, US President Donald Trump himself! Cambridge Analytica used all of that information to create content to campaign for Donald Trump in the last US election.


The expert system is a computer-controlled system that combines people’s thinking ability and problem-solving ability. Which, like the human brain, can analyze the surrounding situation and make decisions to achieve maximum success. This system is rich with a huge data repository, called Knowledgebase. In this Knowledgebase, any particular topic can be answered by questioning.


Knowledgebase-A’s father d and d’s son Pa

What is the relationship between A and P?


Use of Expert System: 

  • The patient cures the disease
  • Mistake correction of various designs
  • Aviation jets and schedules
  • In the case of underground oil exploration and so on.


A typical robot has the following components or parts:


  • Processor: The core of the robot where a program of centrally controlled robots is stored. Which controls all actions of the robot.
  • Power system: Robot power is provided with a lead-acid rechargeable battery.
  • Electric Circuit: The hydraulic and pneumatic system of the robot is provided with a power connection.
  • Actuators: Actuators are special arrangements made by electric motors to disperse the limbs of a robot.
  • Sensor: The robot’s input device is a sensor. Through which it takes input from the environment.
  • Movable body: Wheel, mechanical foot, or movable equipment on the robot.


Robot Features: 

  • Robots are software controlled that can perform specific tasks quickly and accurately.
  • The robot operates according to the instructions given earlier.
  • The robot can work seamlessly.
  • Robots can work in any risky or unhealthy place.
  • It can rotate or move from one place to another.
  • Remote control of the robot with laser rays or radio signals. 


Notable users of robots: 

  • Robots are widely used in computer-aided manufacturing, especially in vehicles and car manufacturing.
  • All that is naturally dangerous to human beings – such as explosive disarmament, exploration of submerged ships, interior work in mines, etc. – can be done with the help of robots, or dangerous and complex tasks.
  • Robots are widely used in the factory for computer-controlled robots, such as welding, welding, heavy lifting or shipment.
  • In the military, the most important use of robots is to detect bombs or detect land mines.
  • Robots assist surgeons in complex operations and a variety of tasks.
  • The robot has an important contribution to aerospace research. Robots with different features are now being used in space missions.


AI is making pizza

Some students and researchers at MIT have developed an AI system that can create new pizza recipes. The team trains a recurring neural network over hundreds of recipes, enabling them to make pizza in brick-and-mortar temperatures at 4 degrees. However, the results showed that some recipes did not contain the essential ingredients. In that case, people’s help is taken.


AI teaches basketball game

AI is now teaching animated basketball players. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Depomotion Inc. are using motion capture data to simulate human basketball players’ skills through AI.


AI is helping to create burgers

An AI robot named Flipping can grill 3-4 patties per hour. It also monitors the mince when cooked, can overrun the mince when needed, and is even able to clean the grill. Flipping robot has been named by its creator, Miso Robotics, ‘the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant’, which can learn from its surroundings and acquire new skills over time.


Beauty contest judges

beauty is the first beauty contest to be judged by artificial intelligence. In this competition, AI technology seeks to prove that what comes to the eye of the beholder is not true beauty. A lot of data analysis is needed to find the true beauty. In this competition, the contestants lift their selfie and submit it to the robot for evaluation of facial features, symmetry, skin health and others. Robot judges verify the pictures collected and declare who is the best lady.


Unfortunately, the robot judges had some flaws that were a common drawback of both the AI system and the human beauty competition judges. Only one of the 4 winners had a black skin, indicating racism.


AI will automatically brush teeth

Dental company Colibri claims they have created the first AI-powered toothbrush. The device, called ‘Ara’, unveiled at the CES 29 Fair. Thomas Searle, founder and CEO of Colibri, said: “Patented deep learning algorithms are embedded directly inside the brush through a low power processor. Information from the sensors is transmitted through a processor, which enables the system to learn user habits and give more precision to the device being used. ‘


This toothbrush is designed for adults only. But Calibri doesn’t want children to be deprived of this fun toothbrush. So the company has developed an AI-powered interactive toothbrush called Magick, which will help children brush their teeth.


AI is used in beer production

‘intelligent’ is the world’s first beer produced by artificial intelligence. The company wants to know from drinkers their reaction via an online system after selling one of the four bottles of beer produced in this technology. The company uses the information gathered from the feedback algorithms to improve beer recipes.


AI capable of diagnosing whether gay

Researchers at Stanford University have claimed that they have developed a face recognition system that can detect if a person is gay by looking at any image. The algorithm was trained on a sample of more than 3,000 images posted on a dating website that can identify human characteristics, expressions, and hairstyles, which are common among male and female homosexuals.


The system accurately predicts the sex of 3 percent of men and 5 percent of women, of which information about 3 percent of men and 5 percent of women was accurate. However, many have expressed concern that similar software may be used to discriminate against homosexuals.



Harry Potter series book is written by AI

Harry Potter series author J Who Rowling crushed many people’s dreams when he announced that he would no longer write a Harry Potter series. But for the welfare of the AI, the Harry Potter series will probably not need any more writers to write the book. This is because a digital entertainment company called ‘Botanic Studio’ has written a new chapter in the last seven Harry Potter novels, training an algorithm.


AI helps find the answer to the puzzle

paper, a marketing company, has developed a robot capable of solving puzzles using artificial intelligence. Researchers have trained Google’s AutoML vision to identify the deceptively portrayed character of the Peppermint-clipped traveler. In this technology, a robotic arm puzzle camera equipped with a camera takes a picture of the pages of the book and then compares the model.



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