What Family Lawyers Can Do for You

While divorces in Canada went down from 56,937 in 2019 to 42,933 in 2020, the number still highlights the importance of seeking guidance from family lawyers. Legal disputes between family members can be almost impossible to iron out without the help of a law professional.

This short guide outlines the different services family lawyers offer their clients. After reading, you will learn why hiring a lawyer is the right choice for your family.


Adoption lawyers look for clients going through the child adoption process. The stages in the procedure vary depending on the location, but the following are some of the common steps involved:

  • Handling legal paperwork
  • Talking to workers and biological parents
  • Filing a petition with the court
  • Attending a hearing

It can be a complex process, and success can depend on varied factors, including the following:

  • State or province laws
  • Health of the child
  • The child’s relationship with the adopting parent

The most straightforward adoption cases are usually foster parents adopting their foster children. However, even that process can be complicated if the biological parents are involved.

Without the help of a family lawyer, adoption can become a stressful process, and the court may even deny your petition. You must look for a lawyer to help you navigate the legal process to get the outcome you want.

Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreement

Before or after getting married, couples can choose to make a legal agreement that covers the following:

  • How they will divide their properties in the event of a death or divorce
  • The couple’s rights upon marrying
  • How they will protect their properties in the event of bankruptcy

Family lawyers specializing in pre- and post-nuptial agreements can draft a contract and handle any legal issues arising from the document. The legal agreements supersede the default marriage laws that would otherwise apply after a death or divorce.


Remember that going to court should be the last resort when settling a dispute. When handling family matters, there are better ways to resolve the issue than taking the case to court.

Litigation or resolving disputes in court could feel like a zero-sum game for most clients. Even if you get the desired outcome, the process can be destructive and destroy relationships.

Fortunately, you do not have to go to court to settle family matters. You can hire a family lawyer to facilitate mediation, a more dignified, respectful way to resolve the issue and preserve relationships.

You can choose to have a mediator for divorce and custody matters. However, you can use this approach to settle legal disputes between family members.


Family lawyers can help clients obtain a divorce from their spouses. However, there is a lot of variation in how they complete the process, often depending on their client’s circumstances.

Some clients want a legal adviser and advocate at every stage of the divorce process. In this case, they need an experienced lawyer who can handle all legal details so they can have peace of mind.

Meanwhile, other clients want to handle their divorce independently as much as possible. These clients typically ask for a limited-scope legal representation, often involving the review of a settlement agreement.

If you are seeking a divorce and looking for a divorce attorney, you must find one who is a good fit for your values and needs. Several law firms today offer services that address your unique legal issues.

For example, Nussbaum Family Lawyers can help you get a divorce or separation. The law firm’s legal professionals work hard to guide their clients through the stressful endeavor. The company also offers divorce mediation services so all parties involved can reach a compromise.


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