What are benefits of PowerPoint?

The use of PowerPoint and similar programs such as Google Slides has proven to have several benefits, especially for instructional purposes. It can be used as educational material or as a visual aid for product or service presentations.

MS PowerPoint helps improve your presentation design, delivers visual impact, and is also a great tool for collaboration and sharing. If you are wondering what are benefits of PowerPoint, there are several, and we have listed them below.

10 Benefits of Using Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Whether a beginner or an expert speaker, MS PowerPoint helps you make PowerPoint presentations effortlessly. Below are the benefits of PowerPoint if you keep using it as visual material.

1.Virtually Accessible

Wherever you go for your presentation, you can access your PowerPoint material easily. You can save it on your USB drive or use virtual tools to easily store and retrieve your slides.

You may upload your slides to a cloud storage application like Google Slides. The accessibility benefit of using Microsoft Office PowerPoint makes it a well-loved application by many users.

2.Collaborative and Efficient Tool

Tools that encourage collaboration are in high demand, allowing people from different geographical locations to work together. A collaboration PowerPoint allows working with team members in a collaborative manner.

Anyone on your team can contribute to the presentation, resulting in better output. PowerPoint is accessible in cloud storage where each team member can make changes to the presentation in real-time and everyone on the team would be able to track these changes.

PowerPoint is an efficient tool because it has several features that are useful and accessible through the use of keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts help you work faster and save you a lot of time.

3.You Can Use Slide Templates

Using professionally made slide templates that are completely customizable can give your presentation a visual kick. Easy slides can help you create amazing Powerpoint presentations with only a few mouse clicks. You don’t need to be an expert designer to create beautiful slides.

4.Highly Versatile (Flexible)

When you use free and professionally made templates, you can suit the layout to your needs. Slides are versatile in that they can be used to communicate information to the audience effectively.

PowerPoint slides are excellent visual aids. Depending on your presentation topic, you can either create a presentation that is purely text or a presentation that includes only visual cues. You may also combine text and visuals in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is not only for presentation use. It can also create other materials like GIFs, flyers, videos, CVs, and other marketing materials. You can create infographics for social media posts in PowerPoint.

5.Using Visual and Audio Cues

You can catch and sustain the audience’s focus using visual and audio cues. There are several multimedia that you can use for PowerPoint, such as pictures, audio, and videos, to create an impact on your presentation.

You may insert various multimedia formats in PowerPoint. The use of multimedia can help you to engage with your audience in an interactive manner.

6.Saved and Exported in Different Formats

Another benefit of PowerPoint is its ability to be converted or saved in different file formats. You can save or export your PowerPoint presentation in PDF or Docx format. You may save a particular slide in .jpg or .png formats.

7.Effective Communication Tool

Communicating effectively to your audience using slide presentations is another benefit of PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations look good on large screens, perfect for communicating with a large audience.

Alternatively, PowerPoint presentations can be displayed in zoom meetings or other online video conferencing platforms. PowerPoint is an effective communication tool you can use whether you are presenting live or online.

8.Anyone Can Use It

Students, teachers, employees, or anyone can use PowerPoint to create presentations. You don’t have to be an expert to be able to use Powerpoint. You can quickly learn the basics of using PowerPoint through online video tutorials.

9.Content Sharing Capabilities

PowerPoint presentations are shareable. If you are a lecturer, you may share your presentation with your students as reference material for your subject. Or, you are presenting via Zoom and want to share your presentation with your online audience. You can make the presentation freely downloaded or viewable online.

PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded and shared on YouTube. The video (WMV format) can be uploaded to most video sites and is compatible to be played using Microsoft Media Player.

10.Has Built-in Resources

PowerPoint has built-in library resources such as clip art and templates that you can use for your presentation. However, clip art is not recommended on your presentation slides, even if you are in a hurry.

Always make time for your presentation. As much as possible, use high-quality images for your presentation. This will make your presentation original and more effective.

How to Maximize Powerpoint Slides for Teaching

PowerPoint has several benefits, and it has proven to be beneficial in education. PowerPoint is widely used for educational purposes because it effectively presents resource materials to encourage student learning. You can maximize the use of PowerPoint slides by following the steps below:

1.Designing PowerPoint

You must consider the overall slide design when creating PowerPoint presentations for students. Your design should take into consideration those students who have visual or hearing impairments. You may provide them with PDF files of the presentation for their convenience.

Hyperlinks used in your presentations should work properly. All visual elements (graphs, charts, or images), as well as video and audio content, must have brief descriptions or captions.

Avoid text-heavy presentations and include interactive learning materials in the presentation to encourage and sustain listeners’ interests.

2.Enhancing Teaching and Learning

You can use PowerPoint to relay information to students in several modalities to support the different learning styles of students, improve their comprehension, and provide easy recall of information.

You can incorporate visual cues (images, graphs, charts, and tables), sound effects or music, and interactive slides. You can hand out the slides a day early to students, which they can browse through or print out. This way, they can focus better on the lecture and take less time taking down notes.

3.Student Engagement

Education is not a one-way street. Education and learning are about collaboration and engagement between the teacher and students. You can enhance student engagement by implementing some techniques.

Let your presentation run as students enter the room. You can also make the slides interactive by posting intriguing images or questions they can think about. You may also include a focus group discussion where the students can brainstorm about the subject matter.


The benefits of PowerPoint are undeniably plenty. It is a highly flexible, collaborative, and efficient tool. When usage is maximized, you can achieve an excellent presentation and receive improved engagement with your audience.

Using PowerPoint also helps reduce speaking anxiety by drawing the audience’s attention to the slides instead of the speaker. However, the slides should only support you and not become a substitute for your dynamic speaking skills.


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