This Craft Beer Is Made From a Giant Whale Testicle [Video]


A brewery in Iceland is serving a seasonal beer called Havalur, made with whale testicle that has been smoked in sheep’s dung.

One of the most controversial drinks in the world, Havalur is a beer immersed in Icelandic tradition — and an enormous whale testicle, weighing anywhere from 15 to 18 pounds.

They apply testicle in each batch and jest that it is “the size of a basketball for a troll.”

The beverage is brewed for the annual Thorri festival, in January and February, when natives celebrate ancient gods like Odinn from Valhalla and Thor and eat the food their ancestors did.

“We eat rotten (fermented) shark, sour (cured) whale fat, ram´s testicles and so on because that’s what our ancestors ate,” said a local.

Havalur (seen below) is configured to pair ideally with the Thorri feast and is fabled among Icelanders during that time of year.

Numerous animal rights activists have protested this beer for its usage of endangered fin whale.

“We got a lot of e-mail threats about it from activists abroad when we first started brewing it,” said Dagbjartur Ariliusson, proprietor of Stedji Brewery.

Eaten with conventional beer snacks, Stedji also produces the brew using formulaic Icelandic methods. Trees are nonexistent on this sizable volcanic island, so they utilize dry sheep’s dung to smoke the whale testicle for an elongated period, leaving the beer with a smoky, unique taste.

Then they mix it with malted barley, a special sort of hops and some of the world’s purest H2O. “We get our spring water from the nearest glacier that has been running for over 600 years, so it’s very pure and gives the beer a certain taste,” noted Ariliusson.

There’s a long brewing process involved because they have to follow the quality assurance handbook created in order for the beer to get a stamp of approval from the health department.


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