Vice Reporter Simon Ostrovsky Detained In Eastern Ukraine

An American reporter for new media outlet Vice Media is reported to have been seized by Pro-Russian gunmen in Eastern Ukraine, according to multiple reports.

33 year old Simon Ostrovsky is a Soviet-born American-Israeli journalist, director, and producer, who was in the field reporting for Vice as part of their “Russian Roulette” series of reports covering the trouble in Ukraine.

Ostrovsky was reportedly detained after attending a press conference in Sloviansk.

Although Ostrovsky didn’t tweet his detention, he did however report prior that the press conference had taken a turn for the worse:

Vice Media said in a statement:

“VICE News is aware of the situation and is in contact with the United States State Department and other appropriate government authorities to secure the safety and security of our friend and colleague, Simon Ostrovsky.”

Confirmation of the detention came from Richard Oliphant, who was also at the presser:

His current status is not clear at the time of writing.



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