Vaccine Awareness Facebook Page Urges Chili’s Boycott Due To Anti-Vaccination Group Fundraiser

chili vaccine boycott


A popular pro-vaccine Facebook group called Jenny McCarthy Body Count has urged its followers to avoid Chili’s on a certain date due to a collaboration between the chain restaurant and an organization that, in part, claims a link between vaccines and autism.

On Facebook, the Jenny McCarthy Body Count page posted the following call for a Chili’s boycott, explaining:

The page later added:

Over on Facebook, Chili’s has not addressed the brewing vaccination controversy on their own page — but the official wall post box is flooded with angry comments.

One of the latest reads:

“I am incredibly disappointed with [Chili’s] and their decision to host an event/contribute funds to an organization that will directly result in sick and dead children. Hosting a fundraiser for an organization that encourages parents not to vaccinate their children is not only irresponsible, but also unforgivable. If your restaurant goes through with the fundraiser on april 7, I will never eat at one of your restaurants again.”

On Twitter, Chili’s has been very active with diners and others tweeting at the brand in general … but specifically has addressed no criticism of the autism/vaccine debate currently raging on their pages.

As of right now, Chili’s Twitter and Facebook pages have neither an official statement nor a response to any queries from pro-vaccination users commenting on their decision to donate 10 percent of profits on April 10 to the National Autism Foundation — a group whose official website indicates a belief in a link between vaccines and autism.

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